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Written by David Hitt

David Hitt

Do you have "the write stuff?"

David HittAdvice to young writers:

"If you want to be a writer, write! Read voraciously to see how others do it, but write constantly so you can find your voice as a writer. The key to being a successful writer is learning to find your voice."

I always loved writing, but growing up I never dreamed of writing professionally. As a child, writing was something to do for fun -- I loved to make up my own stories or write new adventures for my favorite television characters. But as much as I loved writing, I always believed it was something I would do as an enjoyable hobby while I did something hard and boring for a living. That all changed when a quirk of fate led me to writing articles for my high school and college newspapers.

As a newspaper reporter, I learned something incredible -- not only was writing enjoyable, but writers can make a big difference in the world. My articles shared important stories with people in the community that inspired them and local leaders to make changes to make where they lived a better place. It was an awesome experience to see the impact that a narrative can have.

I was very fortunate to later have the experience to spend years as an education writer for NASA. I still have a copy of a story I read as a child about the beginning of the space station program. That article inspired me, even though the writer had no idea who his words had reached. I was incredibly honored to be able to be on the other side -- writing articles myself to inspire the next generation of explorers!

My favorite accomplishment as a writer is working with two astronauts to publish a book about the Skylab space station program. The story of Skylab is incredible, and it was an amazing privilege to be a part of getting that story told.

So if you've ever dreamed of being a writer -- follow that dream! For a born writer, there's no better way to make a difference while doing something you love!

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