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Drawing realistic animals in pencil. Step by step drawing lessons show you how to draw a tiger, learn how to draw horses and how to draw dogs, as well as other animals.

Draw Like Artist Nick Warren

How to Draw a Tiger
How to Draw Horses
How to Draw a Tiger
Learn How to Draw Dogs
How to Draw a Dogs How to Draw a Frog    

I am still learning and will always consider myself an art student.
~ Nick Warren

Draw Like Nick WarrenMy initial interest in art came about through reading comics. British classics like the Beano and Dandy followed by a slew of others. From there I graduated to science fiction, fantasy and American comics. I had an excellent art teacher who allowed me to indulge myself while at the same time ensuring I didn't neglect traditional drawing and painting.

After leaving school I studied Art, English and Theatre Design before switching to Graphics where I studied typography and illustration. It was at this time it began to dawn on me I might be able to make a living as an artist although I wasn't sure which genre I should concentrate upon. At this time I entered an art competition gaining second prize against five thousand entries and this gave me a further boost.

I have had a variety of jobs including graphic designer, reprographic technician, community support officer, vacuum cleaner assembler (which was horrible) and I have been a professional artist and greeting card designer for eight years. I formerly concentrated on oil paintings but have become much more involved in drawing and graphics since becoming active online through my art instruction website.

Over the last two years I have become very interested in self publishing and have one adult novel and three illustrated children's books published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple and more.

I admire a large number of artists. Vermeer, Breugel, Millais, Chagall and the masterful draughtsman Augustus John. Contemporary painter and fellow Yorkshireman Darren Baker. Fantasy artists Ian Miller, Chris Achilleos, Julek Heller and Charles Vess. Illustrators Lauren Childs, Aubrey Beardsley and Frank Bellamy. Cartoonists Ralph Steadman, Bill Waterson and Posy Simmonds. There are many more artists (some famous, others not) who have influenced and inspired me over the years. Too many to mention. I am still learning and will always consider myself an art student.

I live In Yorkshire, England, with my family.

If you can hold a pencil you can draw animals.

How to draw animals in pencil

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