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Draw a Cartoon

Once you learn to draw a small cat, its pretty easy to transfer that knowledge to a large cat drawing, like How to Draw a Tiger or How to Draw a Lion. Cats are cats for the most part, big or small they have a lot in common in their facial structure and body structure.

Did you know that cats the most popular pet in the world and are now found almost everywhere on Earth. Perhaps one day they will take over the planet! Some how I think my cat is too lazy to take over a planet. A fully tummy adn a warm spot to nap are more his style!

So enough rambling, lets get on with the lesson, on how to draw a cat's face.


How to Draw a Cat

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Learn how to draw a cat and create your own cat coloring pages. You can color your cat to be a calico, a tabby or any other breed you chose. You can use your imagination and make your cat pink or green if you like. .

Check out theses adorable cats to draw and color.

How to Draw a Cat Face

To draw a cartoon cat start with basic shapes and refine them. With this how to draw cats lesson by Cheri Crawford you can cute draw a kitten or a funny cat by changing the look of the face. Once you have completed the art lesson, try to draw a cartoon cat that is taller or fatter than the ones pictures here. You can make some funny cat pictures by changing the proportions. We'd love see your funny cat pictures and your serious cartoon cat drawings. Send them to us using the sumit your art form

Suggested art supplies: drawing paper, pencils, markers or colored pencils. Crayons will work fine as well for the cat coloring page you create by drawing a cat!

Now let's get started with "How to Draw a Cat."


Cat Picture Drawing 1:

First block out the silhouette of the kitten by using basic shapes. The head looks like a football, doesn’t it? Make sure to include a curved gesture line from the top of the “football” that swoops down towards the tip of the body shape where the tail is going to be. Also connect a line horizontally across the football shaped head from one point to the other.

How to Draw a Cat 1

Cat Picture Drawing 2:

Draw the hind leg by using an egg shape and it’s adjoining paw, which looks like a sideways ice-cream cone. Then draw a large oval as shown for the kitten’s body.

How to Draw a Cat 2

Cat Picture Drawing 3:

The next part is drawing in the front legs and paws by using lines and circles to represent the skeletal and joint structures.

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 2

Cat Picture Drawing 4:

Erase those lines you used for starting out the silhouette, the ones in front of the kitten’s legs. You won’t need them anymore!

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 4

Cat Picture Drawing 5:

Time to utilize the “skeleton legs” by drawing the complete leg shapes around them. Also feel free to shape out the hind leg a bit.

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 5

Cat Picture Drawing 6:

Draw an upside-down triangle for the nose, centered on the vertical gesture line of the head and just underneath the horizontal line that intersects the gesture line. Add a couple of triangles, one on each side of the head, for ears. Connect the nose and ears to each other as shown. This creates a smooth transition between the bridge of the nose, through the forehead, and makes the front side of the ears.

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 2

Cat Picture Drawing 7:

Add two small football shapes for eyes, with one end point of each small “football” eye shape snuggling into the corners created by the bridge of the nose and the horizontal guideline across the head. Throw in a couple of eyebrows above the eyes, then, draw a curvy, fluffy tail that overlaps the hind leg.

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 7

Cat Picture Drawing 8:

Almost there! Erase all of the guidelines. Don’t forget to erase the part of the leg that is covered by her tail!

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 8

Cat Picture Drawing 9:

Finish up by sketching in some cute details like whiskers, eyelashes, a chin, and toe creases (on the front paws).

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 9

Cat Picture Drawing 10:

Outline everything in ink, then erase all pencil work after the ink is dry. You have just drawn an adorable kitten!

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 10

Cat Picture Drawing 11:

Now clean up your drawing. you have learned how to draw a cat and you have created your very own cat coloring page! Nice work! Check out the ideas below for how to color your cat drawing.

How to Draw a Cat Face Step 11

Cat Picture Drawing 12:

Color your cat using markers, crayon, colorered pencil or paint. Notice the darler shadowed areas. the shadows on the white fur are bluish.

How to Draw a Cat

Cat Picture Drawing 13:

Here is a cat colored to look like a calico.

How to Draw a Cat Ccalico

Cat Picture Drawing 14:

Tabbys have stripes a bit like a tiger's stripes.

How to Draw a Cat Tabby

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"How to Draw a Cat!"

Great Job!

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