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How to Draw Bubble Letters

Bubble letters are fun, happy letters to draw. Bubble letters are a style of Graffiti Letters and are great for birthday cards, and writing your name on notebooks and things. Shading your bubble letters makes them look 3D. Keep them rounded and soft looking and they will appear as if they could float off the page!

Materials: For this drawing art lesson you will need paper, pencil and a straight edge. A good eraser will be needed as well.


Let's get started!

Bubble Letters Drawing Art Lesson 1

Begin your bubble letters by choosing the the word you want to write. Draw a guide lines for the top and bottom of your letters and then space them out with rounded blocks.

Bubble Letters Drawing Art Lesson 2

Using the rounded letter blocks as a starting point draw in fat rounded letters. The rounder, the bubblier, but be sure to give the letters enough form so you can read them. I have added a center guide to help line up the middle of the letters. It looks good to have the letters slightly overlap.

Bubble Letters Drawing Art Lesson 3

Refine your drawing and darken the outline of your letters.

Bubble Letters Drawing Art Lesson 4

Erase your guide lines and clean up your letters.

Bubble Letters Drawing Art Lesson 5

Proper shading makes your bubble letters appear more rounded. Imagine a light source so you can decide where the shading should be the darkest. I have drawn a light bulb and some arrows to show you where my imaginary light source is. You can draw the light bulb on your paper if it helps you, but it is not required.

Shade in layers, first lightly and then go back and darken your shading.

I have added a small circle on the upper left of each letter to indicate a highlight.

Congratulations you have finished this step by step online art lesson,
"How to Draw Bubble Letters"

Great Job!

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