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Drawing and Painting - Art Lessons

Learn how to draw things. Whether you're just get started or boosting your skills to the next level, we have hundreds of hard, medium and easy things to draw on this site so you can practice and improve your drawing skills! These art lesson were created for you by working artists and art teachers. You've found over 200 things to draw! Get started!

We are adding new drawing lessons every week. So check back often and see what's new!

Free Drawing Lessons - Pick a Category

Only a few sample lessons are shown for each category as there are simply too many lessons to show them all here at once.


Have fun exploring the site!

In the pages of our site you will find tutorials from artist who have worked as artists for company's such as Walt Disney Studios and Lockheed Martin. None of them were born drawing. They all had to learn how to draw just like you.

"In our professions, we have had to learn strategies and methods that help us know how to draw well consistently. We are excited to share these drawing methods in the pages of this site." ~ Michael Thoenes

"Being an artist is not just a career--it's a way of life. It requires dedication and hard work. If you're afraid of hard work, a career in art is not for you." ~ Don Howard

Get your start in art here by working on fun projects you'll enjoy! Don't worry, you'll learn technique and color theory and other cool stuff along the way. Most importantly, we want you to have fun creating!

Expect to make some mistakes while you learn how to draw. That is all part of learning. You have to walk before you can run!

Fortunately there are plenty of easy to follow step by step art lessons on this site created by some amazing artists.

As you practice and learn about color and composition, your artwork will improve by leaps and bounds before you know it. You can do it!

Cool ideas for things you can draw using the art tutorials on this site.

Draw your own greeting cards: Draw a Happy Birthday Card for your Mom, a Father's Day card for your Dad or a "Get well soon card" for your best friend.

Draw a sign for the door to your room, or that upcoming garage sale.

Enter a local art contest. Who knows, you might just win and won't know if don't try, so try!

We all know art is fun!, but is art important?
Yes, art is important! We learn much about human history because of the art we created by those who came before us.

Many of the world's greatest scientist were also great artists. Did you know that Leonard, Michelangelo and Donatello where artists before they were Ninja Turtles! The same goes for Raphael too!

  • Art is science: An artist learns to understand form and light and proportion.
  • Art is math: Artist measure, balance,arrange, and count.
  • Art is history: We know most of our human history because of art.

Teachers and Moms: If you have a class to teach, a home school curriculum to pull together or just love learning new stuff about artists, animation, art history, graphic arts, drawing and painting, you have come to the right place. Choose from our quick links below.

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