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Make a Birthday Banner!

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Make a Birthday Banner


So, you want to create your own birthday sign or banner and your not sure where to get started,

The key is fitting your message on the banner.

Step one is getting the letters spaced out correctly before you color them in..

This lesson will show you how!

Now let's get started!

Step 1:
Begin by determining how much space you have and find the center. then count your letters and find the center of your message. In our case the message is "Happy Birthday"

Make Your Own Birtday Banner Step 1

Step 2:
Now that you know wher the center is begin to lay out your letters working from the center - out, rather than working left to right.

Make Your Own Birtday Banner Step 2

Step 3:
Now that you have your letters properly spaced on the banner you can darken them in.

Make Your Own Birtday Banner Step 3

Step 4:
You may want to add an outline to liven up your letters!

Make Your Own Birtday Banner Step 4

Step 5:
Here's how to get started drawing a banner if you making a drawing rather than lettering an actual banner.

Make Your Own Birtday Banner Step 5

Step 6:
Finish off the ends of your banner and add some shading..viola! You are done!

Make Your Own Birtday Banner Step 6

Congratulations you have finished this lesson!

Great Job!

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