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How to Draw Flames

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Wondering How to draw flames? If you have ever tried to look at a fire and draw flames you may have found it to be tricky.

How to Draw a Heart with Flames
How to Draw Flames
draw flames

A fire simply won't stay still for you to draw it. So we have to find a method to break the fire down into flame shapes. Drawing flames in pretty simple once you learn how to draw the basic flame shapes. Then you can combine the shapes to draw a scorching hot inferno or a cozy, warm campfire.

draw flames

Now let's get started with the "How to Draw Flames"
step by step drawing lesson.

How to Draw a Single-point Flame

Flame Drawing 1.

Draw the edge of your flame as a “S” shaped curve. It should be somewhat squished side-to-side. This is the beginning of your flame

Flames Step 1 -

Flame Drawing 2.

Draw the other side by starting at the tip and curving down to the base with a flatter, angled “S.” Let your flame get wider towards it's base.

Flames Step 2 -

Flame Drawing 3.

Draw a smaller flame shape inside your flame to represent the areas of varying temperature we see in real flames.

Flames Step 3 -

Flame Drawing 4.

Draw another smaller flame shapes inside your flame. Now your getting warm!

Flames Step 4 -


Flame Drawing 5.

Color in the the flame with a warm orange. You don't need to color it completely. Leave the edges open for other colors.

Flames Step 5 -

Flame Drawing 6.

Add yellow to your flame drawing.

Flames Step 6 -

Flame Drawing 7.

Add a firey hot red color to your flame. Now it's really beginning to look HOT!

Flames Step 7 -

  Flame Drawing 8.

Finally, add sparks and glow to give your fame energy and life.

Flames Step 8 -
Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson.
Now your ready to draw to draw a fire!

Great Job!

Smart Fact:

"In the most common type of flame, hydrocarbon flames, the most important factor determining color is oxygen supply and the extent of fuel-oxygen pre-mixing, which determines the rate of combustion and thus the temperature , producing different color hues."

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