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This simple Frog lesson has also become the site's most popular topic in May of 2010 thanks to visitors like you who love to draw frogs, and want to know more about drawing them.

I hear your questions!

"how do you draw a cute frog?"
"how to draw frogs for kids?"

So, due to popular demand, I am expanding the how to draw frogs section of this site. So, whether you want to draw cartoon frogs, realistic frogs, draw tree frogs, poison dart and poison arrow frogs, draw bullfrogs, or draw Kermit the frog, blue dart frogs, yellow-banded poison arrow frogs, how to draw red eyed tree frogs, or how to draw a cartoon kissy frog. I hope to have you covered.

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And thanks again for making "How to Draw a Cartoon Frog" so popular!

How to Draw a Cartoon Frog

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How to Draw a Frog


Tree Frog
Lily Pad
Lily Pad Pictures

Drawing a Cartoon Frog is a fun step by step lesson. Follow these simple instructions below to draw a frog and soon you'll be can draw whole families of these amphibious hoppers! - Looking for How to draw a lily?

YOU CAN! Learn How to draw this frog step by step by Following the steps to draw this happy little cartoon frog. You can use the techniques you learned to draw a variety of frog characters.

Recommended Art Supplies: Paper, Pencil, Colored Pencils, Black Felt-tip marker, Eraser.

Now let's get started with some Frog Drawing Fun!

Part 1: How to Draw a Cartoon Frog - Sketching the Shapes

Step 1: The Body

Start your frog drawing by drawing the body shape. It is shaped sort of like a rock or a squished egg. try not to make the body too large because we will need room for the legs. Draw your shapes lightly with a colored pencil if you have one, Otherwise use your regular graphite pencil and sketch lightly with that.

Frog Body

Step 2: Add Eyes and Thighs to Your Cartoon Frog Drawing.

Draw two small circles for the eyes and a pair of larger ovals for the legs. These larger ovals will become then frogs thighs and calves.

Frog Eyes and Thighs

Step 3: How to Draw a Cartoon Frog's Feet

Draw a curve to establish the placement of the frogs feet. If you mess up, Erase and keep trying! Learning How to draw a cartoon frog may take a little practice.

When you learn how to draw, It usually takes several attempts before you get it just the way you like it.

Frog Legs

Step 4: Add Hands

Add small oval shapes for the hands and draw curves for the edges of the frogs arms. Sketch these shapes in lightly and adjust as you go, If you aren't satisfied with your shapes, it's really ok to erase and try again.

I had to practice these shapes many times before I was satisfied with them myself.

Frog Hands

Step 5: A Cartoon Frog Grin

Now lets' give the frog a nice big smile! This is an opportunity to give your frog personality. If you prefer, you can make your frog sad or angry or silly depending on the style of mouth you draw.

Draw in the back edge of the feet and mark a line on each foot where the toes will begin.

Frog Feet

Step 6: Split the Toes

Draw some small anglular "V" shapes on the feet to create the spaces between the toes. This from has three toes on eah foot. Also draw small ovals at the ends to finish the them off.

Repeat this process on the hands.

First Draw small squarish shapes for all the fingers, then break break it up into individual fingers with "V" shapes and Add the little ovals for the finger tips.

Frog Toes

Step 7: The Eyes and EyeLids

Give the frog eyelids by drawing angled lines across the eyes. then draw a partial crude to create the pulpit for each eye. Inside the pupil draw a small Square shape to define the bus highlight area for each eye. If you aren't sure what to do, that, OK, we will be going back over the drawing with with a marker ons or a darker pencil later and we will finish filling the eyes then.

Frog Eyes

Step 8: Arms, Head, Knees

Draw curves to indicate the inside edges of the arms.

Draw a line from the shoulder up and over the eyes all the way to the other shoulder.

Draw small ovals to represent the knees.

Frog Knees

Step 9: Fix and tweak

Before we move to the next phase of drawing, take a moment to refine your shapes and make any adjustments. Erase parts you don't like and tweak them.

Frog Arms

Part 2: How to Draw a Cartoon Frog - Inking the Outlines

Step 10: Darker or Marker

Using a fine point marker or pen, or just pressing down more with your pencil, trace back over your lines. You can refine and make adjustments to your drawing as you go.Outline the eyes and the mouth to get started.

Cartoon Knees and Arms: Continue by outlining the edges of the body and the tops of the legs and knees. Also outline the ands and fingers.

Drawing takes practice so hang in there! You can do this!

How to draw a Cartoon Frogs Legs: Now continue down past the Knees to the feet, the toes can be a bit tricky. It may help to draw the little toe ovals first leaving a gap for the toe and then connect up the toes to the foot afterwards.

Connect the Halves: Connect the top and the bottom of the frog's outline. To connect the top, carefully draw the curves over the eyes. Connect the lower part of the frog's left and right sides with a simple curve.

Your frog may look different from mine and thats OK. Just adapt the steps to fit your drawing of a frog!


frog Outline 3

Step 11: How to Draw a Cartoon Frog's Sparkling Eyes

Now it is time to fill in the frogs eyes. The small rectangles in the eyes become the highlights. Outline them carefully and then darken in the rest of the pupils.

How to Draw Cartoon Frog's Shadow: A little bit of shadow will help our drawing of a frog appear to be sitting on something. Begin the shadow by darkening the area under the feet. Also darken the area under each toe. We will continue to shade under the frog in a few steps.

It's good to hop around to different parts of the drawing as you work.


Frog Shadow

Step 12: How to Draw A Cartoon Frog's Bumpy Skin

You can add texture to the skin by drawing small circular shapes on his upper body. Vary the size of these little circles and ovals to make them interesting.

Shading Adds Depth: To give our cartoon frog some depth, gently shade in areas that would recieve less light, like the underside of the legs. You can use short parallel lines to do the shading with a pen. Be careful not to draw too dark. It is always easier to darken it more later, but can be difficult to lighten. Continue to shade your frog under the arms and on the lower edges of his belly. Add a dark line under the frogs belly to complete his shadow.

Shading A Frog

Step 13: How to Draw a Cartoon Frog's Lily Pad

Now that you have drawn the frog, add a dilly pad for froggy to sit on. Begin by lightly sketching an oval as shown.

Inking the Lily Pad: Now draw the edge of the lily pad making small notches to indicate the edges of the leaf shapes.

Lily Pad Shadow: Add a dark shadow under the edge of the lily pad.

Congratulations on getting this far on How to draw a cartoon frog.

You have drawn a most excellent frog. If you would like to color your frog, move on the the next section.

You may want to erase some of your original sketch lines before moving on to the coloring section.

Lily Pad 4

Part 3: How to Draw a Cartoon Frog - Coloring Your Frog

Step 14: Green is in!

How you color your frog drawing is up to you. You can use crayons, markers, colored pencils or just about any type of colors. the approach I am showing here is most like using colored pencils.

Begin by lightly shading your frog with a light green color. Use the color as a shading to help define the form of the frogs legs and body rather than just coloring the whole frog one solid shade. Continue to color the larger areas of the frog but do so more lightly. Go back over some of the previous shading to darken it by layering the strokes. This is a way to build more depth into your drawing.

It takes time to properly color and shade a drawing.. hang in there!

Green Frog 2

Step 15: Adding Warm Yellow to your Cartoon Frog

Choose a warm yellow and lightly shade the larger areas and blend some strokes into the green. Frogs are many colors blended together.

Green Frog 3

Step 16: Layer on More Green

Now layer more of the light green onto the frog. Continue to work the shading gradually. Move around the frog drawing so as not to over work one area.

Green frog 4

Step 17: Add A Darker Green

Select a darker green and work it in under the arms and on underside of legs and lower body. Gently blend it into the lighter green by using light strokes. Build darkness by layering more strokes of color in these areas.

Coloring the Lily Pad: Choose a different green if you have one available and begin coloring in the back section of thee lily pad.

If you do not have another green, the bright green you used for the frog drawing should work fine.

How to Draw a Cartoon Frog and Stay Inside the Lines: It helps if you work the outline of the lily pad and the edge of the frog first. This will help you stay inside the lines when you stroke the coloring.

Leaving some White Spaces: As you color in the lily pad, It is ok and even beneficial not to color it completely. Leaving some lighter areas gives form to the leaf and adds interest to the drawing. These lighter areas can also represent highlights from the sun.

Green Frog 8

Step 18: Darker Green

Take some of the darker green and add scribbles onto the leaf Make interesting marks adding visual interest and energy to your drawing of a frog on a lily pad.

Green Frog 9

Congratulations, You Have Completed This Lesson "How to draw a Cartoon Frog"

Display your frog drawing masterpiece prominently on the refrigerator or anywhere your friends and family can enjoy your artistry! You can draw a whole family of frogs using the technique you have learned. It's fun to change the shape of the body, making it taller or more egg shaped or even flatter like a river rock. Try Changing the mouth to a frown and changing the angle of the eye lids to change your frogs mood. Have fun!

Great Job!

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