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How to Draw A Cartoon Cat Face

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In this lesson, learn how to draw a Cartoon Cat! Maja makes it easy and fun through step-by-step instructions. This cat is unique because it consists of all triangular shapes! Draw this cat anywhere, from on a card, to on a poster to hang in your room! Personalize the cat by changing the colors or expression. Up for a bigger challenge? Try creating the body of the cat! Use triangular shapes to match the face!


This Lesson Teaches:

  • Drawing with Shapes

Suggested Drawing Supplies:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencils and Markers for Coloring

1. Setting the Placements
Begin by drawing a triangle for the start of the cat's face. The triangle should be more long than it is tall. Draw two lines, one horizontal and one vertical, across the face to help with the placements of the eyes and nose. Notice how the horizontal line is closer to the base of the triangle, rather than it the middle.

Cartoon Cat 01

2. Face and Ears
Proceed by curving out the cat's face inside the triangle. All the corners should be smooth. Add two round triangles atop the head for the cat's ears.

Cartoon Cat 02

3. Eyes and Nose
Using the placements that we set in the first step, draw two almond shaped eyes for the cat. Add a small nose near the base of the face. Notice how almost the entire picture consists of rounded triangles!

Cartoon Cat 03

4. Inking
Once your basic lines are complete, take a pen, sharpie or marker and trace around the pencil lines that you wish to keep. Pay close attention to the lines that overlap, such as the ear in the right corner. Notice that the line in the left corner does not connect.

Cartoon Cat 04

5. Erasing
Once the inking is complete, erase all of the pencil lines. Make sure you give the marker or pen a few moments to dry, as to not smear the ink.

Cartoon Cat 05

6. Details
Next, add two folds in the cartoon cat's ears. Add a few stripes on the cheeks and forehead, as well as a pupil and a shine inside the eyes. You're almost done!

Cartoon Cat 06

7. Color
Take a few markers or colored pencils and color your cartoon cat! For this drawing, I used a dark orange marker for the stripes, a medium orange marker for the majority of the fur, and a yellow marker for the areas of fur where the light hits it directly. Finish by coloring the nose, ears and eyes, and you're done!!

Cartoon Cat 07

Video Lesson by Maja Thoenes

Watch and follow along as Maja shows you how she created this adorable Cartoon Cat.

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