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Grid Drawing Worksheet

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Printable Grid Drawing Worksheet Frame for use with Grid Drawing Worksheets

Grid Drawing Worksheet frame

Adobe PDF Download the Grid Drawing Worksheet frame has prepared this Drawing Worksheet frame to use with the Drawing Worsheets below. Simply print out the pdf file and use a ruler and pencil to connect the 1" Squares marked off in the frame borders. Need art supplies? Check out for drawing supplies online.

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Grid Drawing Worksheet frame: Print the pdf file on standard 81/2 by 11 paper at 100 percent to get a 1" grid. You can change the size if you prefer to make alarger or smaller drawing. This is one of the advantages to using a grid drawing worksheet. mny artists use grids to enlarge or reduce their work. Itis espacially useful when you need to make a drawing fit wall or th side of a building. I have usd a grid to enlarge a picture of a ship to fit a 40' foot theater backdrop. This ship was then painted onto large seets of canvas material and hung as the backdrop for a play.


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"Grid Drawing Worksheet Frame"

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