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How to Draw Heros and Villains from Chronicles of the Thunderbird

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How to Draw a Bad Guy - Shadow King

Grid Drawing Worksheets - Chronicles of the Thunderbird

How to Draw Bad Guy - Shadow King

The Shadow King is a giant Dragon covered in massive mechanical Armor. He has a deep ground shaking voice and spends most of his time giving orders from his large fancy marble and gold throne room. Many of his followers don’t recognize it, but they are all disposable to him. Dreadful Scales saved his entire empire, and he spent the last years of his life working as a slave for the Shadow King. He does not seem to care much for anyone but rather his wealth, power, and the respect he demands from everyone who enters his presence.

How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle Jason
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How to draw a bad guy who is illusive!

I the Chronicles, of the thunderbirds, there is not one time in the entire collection of stories where the Shadow King enters an actual battle himself, leading Jason to believe that he is a coward who would rather mislead others to do his dirty work than to take any risk himself. Most of the pains experienced by members of the Shadow Kingdom can be traced back to their leader but he does not answer to anyone. He has swarms upon swarms of black bee like creatures. (On planet Amazon insects are not intelligent animals and are simply bugs) these bugs follow his generals around and are so deadly that a single sting will either brain wash or kill the person who is stung.

How to draw a bad guy who is greedy!

The Shadow King is greedy and takes pleasure in manipulating others to do his dirty work, but will that be enough.

About the Shadow Kingdom

The Shadow King is an ancient organization bent of total domination of the entire planet of Amazon. This group can consist of any type of animal but there are a few traits that make it easy to recognize a member of the group. For example, the Shadow Kingdom controls all of the worlds wealth so many of the high ranking officers are highly decorated with gold and fine jewelry armor. The Shadow Kingdom exemplifies everything that is wrong with our society from greed, anger, pride, and so on but there is more to the Shadow Kingdom than this.

How to draw a bad guy who believes heroes are weak!

The Shadow Kingdom believes that the Heroes are weak and they are set up to be the exact opposite of that “Weakness.” For example, while most heroes wear white robes, sandals and are not allowed to carry any form of a deadly weapon to show that they do not want to hurt anyone; it is not unlikely to see a general or assassin with out armor, multiple sharp weapons and they can also be spotted by their love for heavy duty durable war time boots. And while heroes love to share and help when ever they can, the Shadow Kingdoms men are always looking for the opportunity to take advantage of the weak and collect more wealth for themselves. This makes the storyline far more interesting because while heroes can trust each other, the Shadow Kingdom never knows who will do what next.

Through the eyes of a young Jason we see that no one in this story line is just plain evil, but they are the way that they are because of things they see differently sometimes because they have been hurt in the past and other times because they were mislead to believe that what they were doing was the best ways to get things done. We believe children will relate to the problems of both our heroes and our villains so that as time goes on we can teach more lessons through our mini plots.

Many of these “Villains” are even willing to hear what Jason has to say, but only after they have realized that the ways of the Heroes are not weak. Obviously it would make for a weak story line if every villain simply converted, so just like in the real world there are some members of the Shadow Kingdom who are willing to learn and there are some who are stubborn beyond compare.

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