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How to Draw Animals


Learn how to draw animals. Animals are consistently a favorite thing to draw! These lessons focus mostly on drawing in a realistic manner.

Cat Sitting
Polar Bear
Arctic Fox

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Artists of all ages want to know how to draw animals, draw farm animals, draw real animals, and draw fantasy animals.


People have been drawing animals for centuries. You can find drawings of majestic beasts on cave walls and on pottery throughout the ages.

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Turtle Walking
Betta Fish
Cat Pictures
Clown Fish Drawing
Dog Pictures
Giraffe Drawing
Dog Sleeping

Wildlife paintings are also very popular and many of our favorite cartoon characters are animals. Some of my favorites are Kung Fu Panda, and Wile E. Coyote. Which animals do you like to draw the most; elephants, chickens, rhinos, lions, tigers, bears, or is it something else?

Directory of Animal Drawing Lessons

Betta Fish Drawing
The color and grace of this Betta fish is deceiving. Who knew they were aggressive as well as beautiful? When agitated they flare their gorgeous fins at other fish. In this lesson, Michael Thoenes, artist and former imaginary scuba diver, takes you to the watery depths using flowing lines and vibrant color to create a fish worthy of your science notebook. Be careful-- soon you’ll be drawing it on everyone else’s, too! Learn how to draw a siamese fighting fish (Betta Fish). By Michael Thoenes - MT143

Cat Pictures to Draw
Use these photos of cute cats and kittens side-by-side with the shapes that will help you see how to draw them. Try it out! By Maja Thoenes - MLT

Cat Sitting - How to Draw a Cat
Imagine an elegant cat sitting near a window blinking into the sunshine. His tail is about to twitch as he catches sight of a chipmunk outside. Michael Thoenes will teach you to draw your own elegant tabby. By Michael Thoenes - MAT 127

Clown Fish Drawing
No, he can’t tell a joke or juggle, but this clown fish is famous for his acting! Cute and humble, this little fish has the makings of the reluctant hero in your sketchbook. Talented artist Maja Thoenes will show you the ins and outs of drawing this underwater film star in her streamlined lesson just for you! Learn how to draw a clown fish and you can be star artist!. By Maja Thoenes - MLT

Dog Drawing - Sleeping Dog
What’s cuter than a sleepy, snuggly puppy? In this lesson, you will draw your own peaceful pup as you begin with a sketch outline and proceed through several simple steps adding detail and layers of texture with each pass of your pencil or marker. Shhh… you can almost hear him snoring! By Michael Thoenes - MAT211

Dog Pictures to Draw
Use these photos of dogs with sketches to help you get started drawing your favorite canine. By Maja Thoenes - MLT

Fox Drawing - Arctic Fox
This pretty arctic fox with thick fur is making a lively pose for you to draw. Learn how to draw a fox with Lindsay. By Lindsay Cibos - LC

Giraffe Drawing
Stretch out and relax! Today’s art lesson is a cartoon giraffe, drawn especially for you by Don Howard, of Howard Studios. Don will show you the way to drawing this gentle giant from an outline sketch to adding color to the final product! Learn how to draw a giraffe today with Don! By Don Howard - DH

Lion Drawing
Draw the king of the jungle in this side-by-side shape based lesson by Michael. By Michael Thoenes - MT

Monkey Drawing
This curious monkey wants to decorate your notebook or be in a birthday card you make for your friend! He’s cute and curious, and artist Don Howard has done a great job guiding you on your quest to create this friendly monkey. Stop monkeying around and learn how to draw a monkey today! By Don Howard - DH

Polar Bear Drawing
He's the ruler of the arctic. Polar bears are the playfull and powerful masters of the northern most parts of the world. Learn how to draw a polar bear with Lindsay! By Lindsay Cibos - LC

Shark Drawing
Dive into how to draw a shark. Do you like the movie Jaws? Michael Thoenes, who once brought a bull shark to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, sure does, so he is bringing you this creepy shark drawing lesson. From the jagged pointed teeth to the torpedo shaped body, this monster of the deep would look amazing on your history notebook or on a card for your big brother or dad. Cool! By Michael Thoenes - MT134

Turtle Drawing
Turtles are so cool! Like living Winnebago’s, these guys travel from the lake across the road to a grassy field with their house on their backs. The dome-shaped shell hides their muscular body and clawed feet. This lesson by Michael Thoenes will teach you how to draw a friendly turtle pulling up to say “Howdy!” Learn how to draw a turtle today. By Michael Thoenes - MT

You have reached the end of the list! Choose a lesson above and start learning how to draw animals like tigers, lions, and horses.

Learning how to draw animals can be challenging. I encourage you to not give up too soon. With practice your drawings will continue to improve.

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