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How to Draw Heros and Villains from Chronicles of the Thunderbird

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How to Draw a Cartoon Lizard - Eric

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How to draw a Cartoon Lizard - Eric

This boastful 12 year old is the last fighting frog descendant on the planet. Eric has the makings of a great hero, but heroes are supposed to be peaceful and loving. Eric on the other hand can be very aggressive.

He loves to battle and show off. In the end even the Shadow King knows Eric has several amazing abilities and untold potential but in order for him to become a true threat to the Shadow Kingdom he must first forgive his enemies and deal with the nightmares from his past.

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Interesting Background Infomation on Eric

Eric is half chameleon lizard and half fighting frog combining the power and stealth ability of his father with the flexibility and skill of his mother’s ancestors.

Needless to say that if there was one creature in the world whose power was comparable to Jason’s, it would defiantly be Eric. He was raised in an orphanage with Sheppard and Jason. He is Passionate and gifted in just about everything he does.

Eric calls himself the Fighting Frog Prince, his mom used to call him that, and that’s about all he remembers about her. The last memory he has of her is when she challenged him to a game of hide and go seek but never came back to get him. As he matured and became older he realized she only did it to protect him. Something happened that day that almost destroyed his native home in Shore City. Now he is the last descendant of a fighting frog in the world.

Before Jason came along he was the youngest and most decorated hero in the history of the hero force. He loves to help people, but he is torn between avenging his people and being the greatest possible hero he can be. He is a great friend and hero, but from time to time he has pride and anger issues especially when people talk about his short stature.

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