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2-Point Perspective Drawing Lesson

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2-point perspective drawing lesson 16
Learn to Draw in 2-point-perspective with this two point perspective drawing lesson by Rod Cockle. In this lesson you will a city block corner with three buildings. Using a horizon line and vanishing points you can create the illusion of 3 dimensions on a two dimensional surface.

Now let's get started with the two-Point Perspective
step by step drawing tutorial.

1. Draw the Horizon Line
Begin by drawing a line across you paper slightly above center. You can use a ruler or some other straight edge for this. Mark a vanishing point near the right and left edges of your paper.

2-point perspective drawing lesson 2

2. Mark the Limits of the Buildings
Begin with a vertical line a littel to the right of center. This will mark the corner of the building closest to you. Use your ruler to draw lines from the vanishing points that then cross the verticle line as shown in the drawing below.

2-point perspective drawing lesson 3
3. Mark the Edges of the Buildings
Using vertical lines, indicate the edges of the stores along the streets.
2-point perspective drawing lesson 3

4. Awning and Roof Lines
Add more perspective lines to define the location of the roof architectural elements, the awnings and the sidewalks.

2-point perspective drawing lesson 4

5. Windows
Additional vertical and perspective lines are used to draw the locations for the windows and to add additional details to the drawing of the buildings.

2-point perspective drawing lesson 5

6. Finishing
Finish your two-point perspective street corner drawing by adding things such as flags, street lamps and signs.

2-point perspective drawing lesson 6

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"2-Point Perspective!"

Great Job!

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