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Alligator Cartoon - Children's Video

The Adventures of Me & Jessie D.

Alligator Cartoon

About Me & Jessie D.

It's a funny, educational, inspirational alligator cartoon world: Parents and kids will enjoy the humor, diversity, adventure, quality, and have a bayou bustin' good time with Me & Jessie D.

Great for boys and girls ages 3 – 6, The cartoon characters of Me & Jessie D. overcome their obstacles to and achieve their dreams no matter what their circumstances! Be inspired

Meet the Main Alligator Cartoon Characters Boo and Jessie D.

Boo and Jessie D. are the best of friends and they spend their days living the "good life" laughing, fishing and adventuring in the bayou. Boo and Jessie D's. crazy ideas and adventures cause enough trouble to spread around, but no matter how much trouble they get into, they always have each other and a community of friends to help them out.

In addition to Boo and Jessie, the DVD features exciting and fun segments with Live Kids!

On our first DVD,"The Kids World Kids" prepare for a fish fry and go on some great adventures to an alligator farm and an aquarium. Packed between their adventures are two great episodes of the Me & Jessie D. Cartoon. In "The Fish Fry," Boo challenges Rufus to a fishing contest and in "Boo Flies," Boo is determined to learn to fly like the Crow Brothers.

About Creators of the   "Me & Jessie D." Cartoon Alligator Videos

Our objective is to provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family through motion pictures, television, and animation. The company's mission is to make a difference in the lives of children locally, nationally, and globally through media.

Company president, Scott Stewart is originally from Los Angeles, California where he grew up watching his father work in the motion picture industry for more than 40 years.

Alligator Cartoon Characters

What People are saying about Me & Jessie D.

As a parent, I fully recommend this DVD for clean, fun entertainment! My family delights in following Boo, Jessie, and the gang in their adventures across the bayou, and laughing at their silly antics. My three-year old daughter especially enjoys learning about the real life alligators and fish that are featured throughout the show! We are eagerly anticipating the next episode!

-Cheri, Decatur, AL

This video is fantastic for kids. The characters are engaging and interesting with Boo being our favorite. The lesson on being yourself seems to resonate with outr children. Thanks for creating this soon to be classic animation.

~Dave, Huntsville, AL


I particularly liked the mudbug episode. The little girl fishing was a natural actor and the other children were impressive also. The visit to the aquarium gives the experience to viewers who may never have a chance to visit in person.

~Jason, Huntsville, AL

Outstanding family/educational video. I have watched it many times with my 7 year old son and we both love it. It is not a video that you watch once and put away. We have watched it at least 20 times. I hope there are more videos like this available.

~ Casey, Huntsville, AL

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