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Andrea Thoenes


The old saying goes, “A picture is worth 1000 words.”  That doesn’t bode well for me, a writer!  You artists can say more with a few strokes of pencil than I’ll ever be able to convey in a letter or essay.

I believe art allows us to look beyond language straight into ourselves, our world, and into the divine.  That’s why what you do is so important, struggling artist!  You must keep trying, keep practicing, keep improving.  That’s your gift and your calling, but not just for yourself.


I believe we are given gifts to share, not to hoard. 

Whenever you give a picture to a family member, a card to a struggling friend, draw a doodle on a school notebook, or paint a canvas to hang in a living room or art gallery, you are doing something amazing:  you are bringing beauty, contemplation, whimsy, and even spirituality into this sad and struggling world.  

I believe art allows us to look beyond language straight into ourselves, our world, and into the divine.

Your drawings and paintings inspire poetry.  They make us wonder, what if?  We are encouraged to create by your creation.  It is a huge honor, a huge responsibility, to be the keeper of so much potential.

I believe in you.  I’m counting on you.  My  1000 words are waiting, young artist, so go draw something worthy! 

Andrea Thoenes, wife of Michael Thoenes, mom of 4 kids who exceed her talent in every way, is also a home schoolteacher, and a director of plays.  At her core she is a believer in Jesus Christ and a writer of works that He inspires. 

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