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Graffiti Bubble Letters - Birthday

Bubble Style Graffiti Letters: Write the word Birthday in Graffiti Letters - Bubble Style. If you have someone with a birthday coming up and you want to write a special birthday banner or birthday card for them, you can use these birthday letters to decorate with. They are funny bouncy letters rounded all over. That's how you make bubble style letters. - keep 'em rounded. No sharp corners allowed! They could pop! Have fun!


Now let's get started with "Bubble Graffiti Letters."

Bubble Graffiti Letters 1:

Lightly sketch out the word 'BIRTHDAY" in all uppercase letters.

Bubble Graffiti Letters 2:

Begin with the "B" and work your way across using your sketch as a guide.

Bubble Graffiti Letters 3:

Tuck the "I" behind the "B"

Bubble Graffiti Letters 4:

Continue with the "R"

Bubble Graffiti Letters 5:

And the "T"

Bubble Graffiti Letters 6:

Then the "H"

Bubble Graffiti Letters 7:

And the "D"

Bubble Graffiti Letters 8:

Now the "A"

Bubble Graffiti Letters 9:

And finally the "Y"

Bubble Graffiti Letters 10:

Ink over your sketch with pen or marker.

Bubble Graffiti Letters 11:

Go around the inside edges of the letters with the color of your choice.

Bubble Graffiti Letters 12:

Then fill in the letters leaving white fro a highlighted are on each letter. Come in with a darker tone of your color on the lower part of the letters.

Bubble Graffiti Letters 13:

A variation in Red.

Bubble Graffiti Letters 14:

A variation in purple.

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"Bubble Graffiti Letters!"

Great Job!

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