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Graffiti Bubble Letters - Happy

Bubble Graffit Letters: Write the word Happy in Graffiti Letters - Bubble Style. You can use these letters on Birthday card or to be expressive on your notebook or a T-shirt. There Bubbly graffiti letters have a happy feel to them. They look a bit like balloon letters. The trick to getting the look is to round all the corners so the letters look puffy. You can color your letters in many different ways. We have provided some sample color variations for you to consider. Have fun!

Bubble Letters

Now let's get started with "Bubble Graffiti Letters."


Bubble Graffiti Letters 1:

Use rounded shapes to block in the "H"

Bubble Letters 1

Bubble Graffiti Letters 2:

Place the "A" slightly behind the "H"

Bubble Letters 2

Bubble Graffiti Letters 3:

Add the "P"

Bubble Letters 3

Bubble Graffiti Letters 4:

And another "P"

Bubble Letters 4

Bubble Graffiti Letters 5:

Finally the "Y" and touch up the sketching on the other letters.

Bubble Letters 5

Bubble Graffiti Letters 6:

Outline your letters in Ink or marker.

Bubble Letters 6

Bubble Graffiti Letters 7:

Place a curve where on the side of each letter to create a border for the highlighted edge.

Bubble Letters 7

Bubble Graffiti Letters 8

Color in the letter in two tones.

Bubble Letters 8

Bubble Graffiti Letters 9

Here is an airbrushed look variation in green.

Bubble Letters 9

Bubble Graffiti Letters 10

Another airbrushed look variation in pink.

Bubble Letters 10

Bubble Graffiti Letters 11

A red combination of airbrushed look and marker.

Bubble Letters 11

Bubble Graffiti Letters 12

A yellow combination of airbrushed look and marker.

Bubble Letters 12

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"Bubble Graffiti Letters!"

Great Job!

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