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Draw Dad in Block Letters

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Draw something for your DAD? Draw Dad in Block letters. This graffiti style block letters DAD drawing is great way to show your Dad that you love him!

Watch the video or just follow the basic steps and you will be on your way!

Now let's get started with the DAD drawing
step by step drawing tutorial.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 1:
Begin drawing DAD in graffiti block letters by marking a top and bottom line and then carefully blocking out the letters D A D. Draw these letters lightly with a pencil as you will be inking over them later and you will be erasing your guidelines.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 2:
Mark a single point below the center of your letter A. This becomes your vanishing point for the 3D letter perspective. After marking the vanishing point, connect the edge of the letters to the vanishing point using a ruler. Watching the drawing video below may help in completing this step.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 3:
Draw a line horizontally across your vanishing lines and erase the part below it. This line marks the back of your 3D letters.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 4:
Using a marker, ink over the pencil lines and carefully follow the curves. A ruler may be helpful in this step.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 5:
This is what the inked drawing will look like. It is now ready to be colored with markers or colored pencil. In this case we will use markers.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 6:
Using two colors of blue, shade in the bottom of the letters with the dark blue and the side of the letters with the light blue. Use some dark blue hatching lines to indicate the shaded areas of the letters and also help indicate the roundness of the D.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 7:
Color the front of the letters with a dark brown and a light brown. You do not have to use the colors that we are showing in this lesson but it is important to use more than one shade of a color like a light green and a dark green for instance or light red and a dark red.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 8:
If you like, add an outline to your 3D letters design. Once again, a ruler will be very helpful in completing this step.

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Part 9:
You may want to add some additional darker shading underneath the letters. In this case I'm using a purple marker to add additional darkness to the bottom edge of the letters. Look at your drawing carefully. Does it need some extra touches? Perhaps a little extra shading here or there?

Graffiti Block Letters Dad Video
you can create this design by following along with this video drawing lessons of how to write DAD in 3D graffiti letters.

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Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Dad in Block Letters!"

Great Job!

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