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Draw a Star Shape

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Learn to How to sketch and color a Star Shaped Polygon in a few simple steps.

In this lesson you will use the letter "A" as the starting point to for a star shaped polygon. Being the first letter of the alphabet, the letter "A" is already somewhat of a star start. So, it's pretty easy to draw the rest of it! For this lesson you need to be able to draw an upper case "A". That makes this star an easy thing to draw.

Star Shape

Recommended materials.

For this lesson you will need a pencil for sketching and an eraser for cleaning up your lines. Oh yeah, and a piece of paper would be most useful too! You can use a felt tip pen, ballpoint pen or marker for inking in the star's outline.

Tip! As simple as this looks, you may need to try a couple of times before you're completely satisfied with your star shape, so don't give up!

Now let's get started with "Draw a Star Shape."

Star Shape Drawing Tutorial Step 1:
Sketch a tall pointy letter "A". The cross bar should be a high on the letter.

Draw a Star Shape Step 1

Star Shape Drawing Tutorial Step 2:
Give your "A" a pair of arms at the same height as the cross bar. You can draw dots for the hands.

Draw a Star Shape Step 2

Star Shape Drawing Tutorial Step 3:
Connect the "A's" hands and feet to create a star shape. See, that was pretty easy! If your star shape did not come out quite right, you may need to start over and make your "A" a bit more or less pointy.

Draw a Star Shape Step 3

Star Shape Drawing Tutorial Step 4:
Now, use a marker or pencil to darken the star shape outline.

Draw a Star Shape Step 4
Star Shape Drawing Tutorial Step 5:
Erase your sketch lines to clean up your star. using this technique you can draw a whole bunch of stars. You can draw constellations like the big dipper or you could draw a star and cut it out to put on your door.
Draw a Star Shape Step 5

Star Shape Drawing Tutorial Step 6:
Finally, color your star with crayon or marker.

Congratulations you have finished this step by step online art lesson,
"Draw a Star Shape!"

Great Job!

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