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What kind of software programs do computer Artists use?

Drawing Software or Draw Software generally refers to vector-based Computer Programs for creating graphic art.

The big boys on the block are Adobe Illustrator from Adobe and CorelDraw from Corel. Draw Software also includes very capable and economical tools such as Zoner Draw and Inkscape which happens to be free.


Draw programs give you the tools to draw common shapes such as squares, rectangles, hexagons, circles and ovals. They also give you pen tools to create control points for drawing complex shapes and curves.

This kind of computer software is a mathematical form of connect the dots. You place the dots and the compute does the math to draw a line or curve from one dot or control point to the next.

Draw software also gives you color fill tools. A basic "Paint Bucket" fill tool and gradient fill are common, but tools like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw have grown to offer much more capability. The important thing to know about draw programs is that they think in shapes as opposed to pixels.

Pixels are the thousands of little squares that make up your computer display. Manipulating color on pixel basis is in the realm of Paint Programs such as Corel Painter. For a limited time, You can Save up to $50 on Corel Painter Essentials 4. Was $99.99 Now $49.99. Upgrade $34.99 Limited time!

Draw Software also provides you tools to enter and arrange type.

Draw software is most commonly used to create digital illustrations, vector clipart, flyers, brochures, and posters. Generally it is used for single-page projects that combine text, vector graphics and bitmapped images (Bitmapped means the picture is made of pixels rather than Connect the dots.)

Draw software started off fairly simple. Today's software packages have grown to include many of the tools and capabilities of Paint Programs and visa-versa.

If you are into drawing Manga Comics, you might want to check out Manga Studio.

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