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Artists are usually the kind of people who would pay to draw and paint, so I figured, why not give away some drawing lessons? If it weren't for the generosity of the artists who influenced and encouraged my efforts as a child, I may never have become professional artist myself. My main drawing influence was my grandmother, Maja Hermann, she was a phenomenal watercolor painter.

Now I am fortunate to say that "I Draw and Color for a Living" and have done so for most of my professional life. Perhaps you would like to do that too!

Before my first job as a professional artist, I filled many notebooks with doodles in class and still managed to keep my grade solid. Whew! that really paid off when I wanted to teach animation. The college seemed to think it was a good idea for it's teachers to have good grades, so, keep your grades up, you never know when that good report card or transcript will come in handy to land that job you want! Seriously!


I knew I wanted to be an artist from the time I was probably 4 or 5 years old. I can't really remember too many specifics that far back, but I recall that by the age of 12 I had determined that one day I would sell a painting to someone for $100,000. Please call me if you are that person. You probably don't need the free art lessons either, but I will throw the lessons in as a bonus!

For everyone else I hope you enjoy the collection of free drawing lessons and painting lessons we are building online at How to Draw and paint Smart. I am building is site for all you aspiring artist out there! What ever your age, whatever your current ability, you can learn to draw with good basic instruction.

These Free Drawing Lessons online help you learn the basic of art. Art takes patience and practice and desire. Stay determined and have fun while you learn to create. if you feel like crumpling your paper and throwing it in the corner. Fine! Just be sure to pick it up later so your mom or sister doesn't have to do it.

In addition to Free Sketching, Painting and Drawing Lessons, this site may begin to offer ebooks and some cool recommendations for you so you can find great drawing books and videos and stuff like that. But for now, enjoy the freebies!

If you like the site, please tell your friends, or better yet, link to our site.

Link to this site - Here's How More people coming for free drawings encourages more professional artists to provide free drawing lessons. It's a win win deal. You can learn to draw.

On this site you can find Free Drawing Lessons for How to Draw Cool Cartoons!

Also, Free Drawing Lessons for How to Draw a Cartoon FrogHow to Draw a Turtle, and How to Draw a Teddy Bear along with other great free art lessons

You can surf our site from home page where you will find more art lessons sorted into categories.

Have fun with the Free Drawing Lessons by professional artists!

Best Regards,
Michael "I Draw and Color for a Living" Thoenes

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