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Heart with Wings Drawing

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Heart Drawing Lesson! Looking for things to draw for your boyfriend or girlfriend? This winged heart may be just the thing. Easy step by step heart drawing lesson with video by Michael Thoenes.

Watch the video or just follow the basic steps and you will be on your way!


Now let's get started with the Heart drawing
step by step tutorial.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 1:
How to draw a winged heart is an incredibly popular subject so here is a lesson with stills and video to help you draw this incredible heart design. Begin your drawing by making a simple heart.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 2:
Now for the fun part, let's add some wings! Begin as below with upper curves for the top of the wings and some lines for the feathers. These lines will serve as your guides for filling in the feather shapes. they are the shafts of the feathers. Noticed that there are five feather shafts on each side of the heart shape.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 3:
Using curved lines complete each feather. The right and left do not need to be exact mirrors of one another but they should be similar.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 4:
In the gaps between the first row of feathers add additional feather shaft marks. This drawing step below shows six additional shafts per side.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 5:
Now form those additional shaft into feathers.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 6:
Add some feathery curves to the top part of the wings to give the wings some some strength.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 7:
Using a marker or colored pencil, shade in your heart! We have shaded this one red.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 8:
Using a black marker outline and detail your heart and wings

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 9:
Here is a close up view of the wing. Notice the detail is done fairly loosely.

Winged Heart Tutorial Part 10:
Add quote marks around your heart design to give it the feeling that it's flying.

Winged Heart Video
All the steps above come from this video below! Watch the video to follow along step by step and create your heart with wings.

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Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Heart with Wings!"

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