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How to Draw a Box

How to Draw a Box

What could be more exciting that drawing a cardboard box? The humble cardboard box is an excellent way to get a handle on drawing almost anything box based. Because a box is box, right.

3D Box Drawing Video

The card board box is a very practical invention and has been around since the 1800's. I imagine the inventors wanted something light weight to put put stuff in. They probably did not consider the best use of the paper box, which is of course - Making a fort out or a refrigerator box!

I remember when we got our new refrigerator. Mom was excited and so were us kids. we got to keep the box. We hauled it into our room and drew a door and windows and then cut them open with a kitchen knife (kids - be sure and ask mom or dad before you try this.) (Oh yeah, also make sure no one is in the box when you stab the knife into it! Seriously! This almost happened to my brother and I.) He was in the box, I had the knife. It could have gone very poorly. Fortunately it didn't. So, stick to drawing and let your mom or dad do the cutting.

Enough rambling, lets get on with the drawing.


Now let's get started with "How to Draw a Box."

Step 1:
Draw a tall rectangle to establish the basic shape of your box.

Step 2:
Now lets give the box some depth. Draw angled lines from the corners of the box.

Step 3:
Now connect the angled lines with lines that are parallel to the box.

Step 4:
Let's make this an open box. Draw some flaps for the open cardboard box. Its just a few more angled lines and parallel lines. Use a pencil to sketch it in and if if you mess it up, try again. No big's only a box and your just learning. Expect some struggles!

Step 5:
Give your box some thickness by drawing another set of lines close to the original box edges.

Step 6:
It's time to grab a marker or pen, or just bear down with the pencil a little more and darken the edges of your box. I added some thickness to the flaps while I was darkening my lines.

Step 7:
Coloring your Box
Imagine where the light is coming from. Then begin to color your box with different shades of cardboard color. Tan, Brown, etc. Really your box can be any color but different shades helps it look more dimensional - more 3D..

Step 8:
Now color in the shady sides of the box. I added some diagonal lies to give my box a graphic look.

Step 9:
Grab a darker shade and fill in a shadow under the flap. You could also layer on more of the color you had. it all depends on what you are using to color with.

Step 10:
As a finishing touch, I added some highlights to my box. You can do this with a white crayon, and eraser of even some white paint. It isn't absolutely necessary anyway, I just felt it could use a little punch of highlight.

Step 11:
Place your box on the ground by scribbling some shading under it. I used a medium green and then a dark green for the shadow. Make interesting marks. Have fun with it!

Congratulations you have finished this lesson,
"How to Draw a Box!"

Great Job!

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