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How to Draw a Broken Heart

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A broken heart is something I hope you will not have to endure. But if it's the message you need to convey, here's how to draw a broken heart step by step. Basically it's like any other heart drawing but you start wider at the top and leave room for a large split down the center of your heart drawing. The level of sorrow in your broken heart can vary with the degree of jaggedness of the crack or tear. Just follow the basic steps and you will be on your way!


Now let's get started with the Broken Heart drawing
step by step drawing tutorial.

Broken Heart Drawing Tutorial Part 1:
Start your Broken Heart Drawing by sketching two circles side-by-side and marking a point for the base of the heart. Then sketch in the curves to connect the circles to the point and erase your sketch marks.

Broken Heart Drawing Tutorial Part 2:
Draw a jagged cracked edge down the center of your heart and have the other side show a similar break so you can see how the pieces would fit together.

Broken Heart Drawing Tutorial Part 3:
Shade your broken heart leaving a highlight at the top.

Broken Heart Drawing Tutorial Part 4:
You may want to use a colored pencil, marker or crayon to color your heart.

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Cracked and Broken Heart!"

Great Job!

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