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How to Draw Heros and Villains from Chronicles of the Thunderbird

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How to Draw a Cartoon Dog - Sheppard

Grid Drawing Worksheets - Chronicles of the Thunderbird

How to Draw a Cartoon Dog - Sheppard

This 13 year old introvert genius may not have the power, but his inventions and plans often come in handy as he helps his team mates get out of trouble. Sheppard is a good friend, but deep down inside he wants to become a great hero so that he can help end the war and bring honor back to his family name.

How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle Jason
Grid Drawing Worksheet frame

Grid Drawing Worksheet Frame for How to Draw a Cartoon Dog - Sheppard has prepared this Grid Drawing Worksheet frame to use with the Drawign Worsheets below. Simply print out the pdf file and use a ruler and pencil to connect the 1" Squares marked off in the frame borders.

Background Info on Sheppard the Dog from Chronicles of the Thunderbird

Sheppard is a 13 year old sheep dog, he son of the late General Hound who once led the worlds entire Hero Force in an organized battle to retake Central City, unfortunately the attack failed and after that it seemed like no one wanted to be a hero. That night Sheppard lost both of his parents and became an orphan.

His father is seen as a legend, but he is nothing like his father. It is his life’s goal to be a strong hero like his father, but it is not very likely. Sheppard is not athletic, or very out going. He really just likes to read and stay as far away from trouble as possible. But his love for his friends won’t just let him hide and cower. He becomes one of Jason’s greatest teachers and closest friends, so much so that Jason calls him brother.

Shepard uses his scientific brain to come up with great plans and invent many gadgets that will help the heroes when ever they have to go into action. But as is often the case when you are living in a world that is ruled by darkness, Sheppard’s faith in God as well as himself has suffered along with many others. But when he looks at the enthusiasm and wisdom in the young eagle he begins to understand just what faith really is.

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