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How to Draw a Cartoon Face Profile

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Draw a Cartoon Face Profile in easy steps. This funny face is easy for kids to draw because it starts by using a capital "P". So get started with this easy face to draw.


Now let's get started with How to Draw a Cartoon Face from the letter "P".

Drawing 1:

Start by drawing the capital letter "P". Sketch lightly because you will be erasing parts of this shape later.

Drawing 2:

Add lines to make a chin.

Drawing 3:

Place an ear just above where the chin line meets the curve of the "P". Make a curve for the bottom of the mouth.

Drawing 4:

Draw in a nose starting at about the middle of the loop and end it just above the place where the loop connects to the vertical line.

Drawing 5:

Draw in an eye.

Drawing 6:

Draw in a neck as shown below.

Drawing 7:

Draw some hair and shade in the eye and mouth. add a small curve for the nostril.

Drawing 8

Erase the vertical line through the nose. and the part of the look that cuts across the face.

Drawing 9

Go over your drawing with pen or marker to darken the lines you want to keep. this is a great time to refine your drawing.

Drawing 10

Color your face with crayon, colored pencil or marker.

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"How to Draw a Cartoon Face Profile!"

Great Job!

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