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Be sure to check out the awesome free printable coloring pages from the Chronicles of the Thunderbird.

How to Draw Heros and Villains from Chronicles of the Thunderbird

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How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle Elijah

How to Draw an Eagle - Elijah Grid Drawing Worksheet


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How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle - Jason

Grid Drawing Worksheets - Chronicles of the Thunderbird

How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle - Jason

The playful 7 year old eagle is probably the most powerful Hero in the world. He is very playful and has great faith in God. His power would be a great asset to the heroes, however he has made a vow to never hurt a living creature again. Jason believes everyone can be saved.

How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle Jason
Grid Drawing Worksheet frame

Printable Grid Drawing Worksheet Frame has prepared this Grid Drawing Worksheet frame to use with the Drawing Worsheets below. Simply print out the pdf file and use a ruler and pencil to connect the 1" Squares marked off in the frame borders.

Check out for drawing supplies online.

Jason smashes through the Robot Centurions

In this grid drawing worksheet, young Jason the eagle, hero of the Chronicles of the Thunderbird, is swooshing throught the air and smashing and crashing Robot Centurions. KBAM! Robot Centurions are no match for this quick and agile eagle cartoon character. You can see the springs and pieces of robot falling away as Jason crashes through them. With an outstretched fist and a keen eagle eye on his target Jason really appears determined. His wings are tucked for speed and he is on his way to save the day.

Cartoon Characters often have three fingered-hands

As you learn how to draw Jason, notice that he only has three fingers and a thumb. This is common on a cartoon character. Often cartoon birds have wings that turn into hands. In the case of Jason, he actually has arms with three-fingered hands. Look at other cartoon characters to see how many fingers they have. Also notuice the varying line weights in the eagle drawing. Thicker lines help to set off important shapes that the artist wants you to see. After you have use the grid drawing worksheet to draw Jason, vary the line weights when you ink your drawing with marker or pen.

Bursts and Clouds indicate violent action without having to show it.

Notice how the bursts and clouds give the impression of violent action. The addition of the large exclamations "SWOOSH!", "KBAM!" and "PAK!" is a common device in comic books and has also been used successfully in televison shows such as the original Batman and Robin Show. This technique also serves to simplify cartoon violence for children. It's still effective and exciting without actually having to show the detail of things or people getting smashed to bits.

How to Completing your Drawing: How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle - Jason

You can compete your drawing by coloring it with Crayon or colored pencil .If you happen to draw it on canvas or water color paper, then you can can paint it. The printable grid sheet is designed to be 8 inches by 10 inches and to fit a standard photo frame. Why not pick up a frame and hang your art on the wall or perhaps give it as a gift to your parents or a friend.

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Cartoon Eagle - Jason"

Great Job!

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