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How to Draw a Cat Sitting


A cat sitting is a cool thing to draw. This art lesson uses a photo of a cat sitting as reference. This is a classic cat pose with the cats back towards the viewer and the cat looking off to the left. The tail curves nicely to the right.


Begin with a reference image of the cat sitting you plan to draw.  Study the reference image and if possible, print it and draw some lines onto your reference image as you study it. If you can't draw directly on your reference image, you could use tracing paper, acetate, or print a copy of it to draw on.

Now let's get started with the cat drawing step by step drawing tutorial.

Cat Sitting Drawing 1: Below is the reference image - you may want to print this image or open it in another browser window to have it handy while you draw.

Cat Sitting Drawing 2: Start your drawing by using circle shapes to create the form of the cat. If you want to work on your drawing side-by-side with the reference image, you can draw guide line to help you place the circles.

Cat Sitting Drawing 3: Sketch in the ears by creating triangular shapes at the top of the head.

Cat Sitting Drawing 4: Sketch in the shape of the cat's sides. The circles provide a guide.

Cat Sitting Drawing 5: Sketch in the sides of the tail with sweeping curves from the base of the body. 

Cat Sitting Drawing 6: Sketch in the face. Look carefully at the source image and try to copy the outline of the face profile.

Cat Sitting Drawing 7: Refine your sketch. Now you can strengthen the outline of your cat.

Cat Sitting Drawing 8: Erase your sketch lines and continue to refine your cat drawing. 

Cat Sitting Drawing 9: Fill in the fur detail. i know this was a huge leap from the previous step. Just take your time to study the reference image and place the major markings.

Cat Sitting Drawing 10: Add some color to your cat and you are all done!

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson, "How to Draw a Cat Sitting!" Great Job! 

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