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How to Draw a Crown

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Draw a crown fit for King! Learn how to create a crown drawing in a few easy steps.A crown is a very special accessory. It is a symbol of royalty that goes beyond a fancy necklace or a big diamond ring. A crown is much more than that! Wear a crown says, hey, I'm extra special, I'm the King or Queen, the prince or princess. I am in charge here.

A crown also makes the king or queen's head look bigger. We all want our leaders to have big heads so they have room for their brains to work on the people's problems.Crowns are usually made of a precious metal like gold or silver and covered with precious gems. (Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Pearls.) Crowns sparkle in the light and give the wearer a kind of halo that makes them appear somehow above this the common trouble of this world.

A crowns is also a symbol of strength and wealth. If your king wears a big crown, it's kind of like saying to all the other kings of foreign lands, "Hey, we're big and strong, don't mess with us because we will beat you up! Oh yeah, we are rich too, so if you want to trade with us and be our friends, lets talk business."So you see, a crown is much more than a pretty hat!


Now let's get started with "How to Draw a Crown."

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 1:
Start your crown drawing by marking out four dots like in the picture below.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 2:
Use the Dots to draw and oval shape.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 3:
Now draw another set of dots above the first and draw another oval shape. This forms a guide for How to Draw a Crown.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 4:
Add A large jewel to your crown and draw the top and bottom edges.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 5:
Continue to draw the shape of your crown.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 6:
Add more jewels.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 7:
And even more jewels!

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 8:
Ink in your sketch with a marker or pen.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 9:
Add detail and darken the inside.

Crown Drawing Art Lesson Step 10:
Finally, color your crown.

Congratulations you have finished this lesson,
"How to Draw a Crown!"

Great Job!

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