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How to Draw a Dog Lying Down

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How to draw a dog lying down

Before you learn to draw a dog lying down, it is important to observe a dog who is actually lying down. This is a great position to draw a dog since the animal is usually not moving too much, especially if the dog is sleeping. For this lesson we are using a photograph of a dog sleeping. It is a cute little dog curled up in what appears to be a dog bed or perhaps a mound of blankets. If you are going to try to draw this dog, begin by observing the major shapes made by the parts of the dog. Study the proportions of the animal and think about placement on your drawing on your paper. Notice the curve of the back, the curve of the thigh, the way the tail wraps around the front of this little doggie. The dogs be also has some strong curves to observe. Get these major shapes and curves right and you will have proportions of your dog drawing  nailed down. Next look to divide the areas within the major shapes. If you feel like you see the shapes but your hand just won't do what you wan it too, this is just  a matter of practice. The how to draw a dog laying down lesson created here is the the result of sketching the dog two or three times prior to producing the video used for the lesson. Each attempt at drawing the dog is an opportunity to better understand the proportions of the image and to refine your work. After all, anything you draw really just boils down to the placement of lines an shading on a piece of paper or canvas. Remember you drawing is not a dog, it is an arrangement of marks  on paper.

Recommended Art Supplies: Pencil and paper, a fine point marker or a digital drawing tablet.

Now let's get started with the "How to Draw a Dog Lying Down"
drawing art lesson.

Draw a Dog Lying Down - Reference Photo

Draw a Dog Lying Down - Drawing 1:
Begin to drawing the dog picture by lightly sketching the major shapes. You can use squares, triangles, ovals and circles to sketch out the placement of the dogs head, ears, back, thigh, leg and other major features you see in the drawing.

Draw a Dog Lying Down - Drawing 2:
Now it is time to go into the shape you have made for the head and pace the eyes and nose. Sketch lightly at first. If things don’t look right, erase and adjust. The initial placement of these features is critical if you want to capture the likeness (the look) of the dog in the picture. Your need drawing need not look exactly like the photo however.

Draw a Dog Lying Down - Drawing 3:
Adjust the angle of your pencil or pen and begin the shade in areas of the drawing. Try to shade areas by stroking the pencil in the direction of the dog’s fur. while the video of the dog runs fairly quickly. The drawing in the lesson took over an hour to complete. Much of the time was spent carefully looking at the fur and adjusting the angle of strokes try to match the flow of the fur.

Draw a Dog Lying Down - Drawing 4:
Continue to refine your dog drawing. It is good to move around from one part of the drawing to another so that one are does not become far more complete than another. Gradually darken area that need more contrast, then move to other parts of the drawing and shade gradually to complete your drawing. One of the great things about a drawing is that it is a personal artistic expression. So feel free to let some parts of the drawing appear more sketchy than others is you like.

Draw a Dog Lying Down - Drawing 5:
Darken and strengthen as you go.

Draw a Dog Lying Down - Drawing 6:

The Finished Drawing - How to Draw a Dog Lying Down.

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a a Dog Lying Down!"

Great Job!

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