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How to Draw a Dragon for Kids

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A kid dragon is an a fun creature to draw. Learn how to draw this cute green dragon step by step. He is just a kid and he has a lot to learn about walking, flying and being a big dragon some day. He has small dragon wings and his teeth and spikes have not become pointed yet. This makes him look like a very young dragon.


Now let's get started with the How to Draw a Dragon for Kids
step by step drawing tutorial.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 1:
Begin your dragon drawing by sketching three circles. One circle for the head, one for the where the neck joins the body and another for the main body area. Then, lightly draw a curve from the head down through the edges of the neck and body circles as shown. Continue the curve to form the top of the tail.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 2:
Draw two smaller circles to place the tip of the dragon's snout and the tip of the lower jaw.  This dragon's mouth will be open. Sketch another curve to complete the front of the dragon and continue it to complete the underside of the tail.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 3:
A few short curves give shape to the snout and the open mouth. This is a good time to place the eye socket with a simple curve under a hump.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 4:
Sketch the dragons near arm and wing. Also give structure to the hand. Now back to the eye. Draw a pupil for your dragon's eye leaving a small white spot for a highlight. Also, give your dragon a nostril.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 5:
Now that you have the near arm and wings structure defined, outline a shape for the wing and then sketch the back wing as well as the other hand.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 6:
It's time to give the dragon some legs. This dragon has a leg structure similar to a chicken's legs. Use circles to place the joints and toes, then use lines to connect the joints similar to the way bones would. It is important to place the feet in a position that makes it appear the dragon's weight is balanced over his feet. Otherwise, he will look as if he is going to tip over.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 7:
All the hard wok of sketching pays off now as you draw the body of the dragon around this structure of bones, joints and body areas. Use the joint circles to help you define the shape of the legs and arms. Notice on the main body how the dragons back comes over the the curve of the circle we placed earlier. Next add three curves to the wing to the complete the wing's structure.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 8:
Continue to refine your drawing by completing  the skin of the wing and adding bumps to the dragons back and tail. Rounded bumps make the dragon appear cute, while spiky bumps would make him more scary.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 9:
Give your dragon some teeth. On the body, draw a line dividing the dragons underside from his back and sides. Divide this underbelly into shielded plates. Adding spots to the dragon's neck, back and other areas gives him an interesting texture.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 10:
Ink over your sketch with marker or ink pen. Continue to make adjustments in the this final pass at drawing your dragon.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 11:
Give your dragon a base coloring. This green dragon is colored with a few shades of Green and has a golden yellow underbelly with orange shading to give the plates some form.

Dragon for Kids Drawing Tutorial Part 12:
Using a darker shade of your dragon's skin color, shade the under the jaw, the wings, and other areas that would receive less light form above. This helps your dragon to appear three dimensional. A simple shading under his feet help to place him on the ground.

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Dragon for Kids!"

Great Job!

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