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How to Draw a Funny Face Goof

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Draw a Funny Goof Face: Draw This Funny Face Goof in easy steps. This funny face is easy for kids to draw and might even make you laugh!

How to Draw a funny face goof man. This easy to draw goofy man face has big round eyes, a hook nose and a big squiggly smile. His protruding tooth and messy hair make him look really silly. You can experiment with him by changing has hairstyle or giving him a bigger or smaller nose or draw him cross-eyed. I hope you have fun drawing this funny goof face.


Now let's get started with "How to Draw a Funny Face man."

Drawing 1:

Begin your drawing by creating the eyes. To make a goofy face draw one eye bigger than the other.

Drawing 2:

Draw the pupils in the eyes. Darken them in and leave a highlight.

Drawing 3:

Now draw a small hook shape for the nose.

Drawing 4:

Draw a wiggly squiggly mouth for your funny face goofy man. This makes your character look really silly.

Drawing 5:

Now draw one protruding tooth sticking out from under his lips.

Drawing 6:

Give your goofy man a head and some funny hairDraw him a silly squiggly hair sticking straight upThis man could really use a haircut or a comb.

Drawing 7:

Now give your man some cute little ears and make one ear larger than the other.

Drawing 8

Add some squiggly little eyebrows to the funny face goofy man drawing.

Drawing 9:

Go over your sketch with black pen or marker. Here's what it might look like.

Drawing 10:

Color your goofy man with crayons, colored pencils, paint or markers.

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"How to Draw a Funny Goof Face!"

Great Job!

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