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How to Draw a Funny Face Man

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Draw a Funny man Face: Draw This Funny Face man in easy steps. This funny face is easy for kids to draw and might even make you laugh!

This easy to draw man has big round eyes, a round clown nose and a big happy smile. You can experiment with him by changing has hairstyle or giving him a different color shirt or a bigger or smaller nose. I hope you have fun drawing this funny man face.


Now let's get started with "How to Draw a Funny Face man."

Drawing 1:

Begin your drawing by creating the eyes. Start by drawing an oval for the left eye.

Drawing 2:

Now draw an oval for the right eye that connects to the previous oval.

Drawing 3:

Draw an upside-down question mark shape for the nose.

Drawing 4:

Add curves for the eyelids and the nostrils.

Drawing 5:

Draw the inside of the eyes. These shapes will become the iris.

Drawing 6:

Now draw the pupils.

Drawing 7:

Draw radiating lines in the irises and curves for eyebrows.

Drawing 8

Fill in the irises leaving highlights.

Drawing 9:

Draw a head for the funny face man.

Drawing 10:

Add some simple ears.

Drawing 11:

Complete the ears and add a mouth.

Drawing 12:

Draw an "M" shape for the tongue.

Drawing 13:

Fill in the mouth.

Drawing 14:

Draw some jagged hair on your funny man.

Drawing 15:

Complete the hair.

Drawing 16:

Here is the finished drawing.

Drawing 17:

Go over your drawing with pen or marker.

Drawing 18:

Color your funny face man drawing with crayon, marker or colored pencil.

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"How to Draw a Funny man Face!"

Great Job!

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