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How to Draw a Funny Monkey Face

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How to Draw a Funny Monkey Face: Draw a Funny Monkey Face in easy steps. This funny face is easy for kids to draw and might even make you laugh!


Now let's get started with "How to Draw a Funny Monkey Face."

Drawing 1:

Start by drawing a circle for the head and a circle for the mouth and nose area.

Drawing 2:

Draw two circles for the eyes and a curved line for the mouth.

Drawing 3:

Draw in the eyelids and half circles for the eyes. Add two dots for the nostrils.

Drawing 4:

Now it's time to add the ears!

Drawing 5:

Complete the ears and draw in two squares for the eye highlights.

Drawing 6:

Darken in the eyes, add the eyebrows and the smile creases.

Drawing 7:

Here's the finished monkey face in all black lines.

Drawing 8

Use crayons markers for colored pencil to color your monkey face!

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"How to Draw a Funny Monkey Face!"

Great Job!

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