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How to Draw a Lily

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Below are reference Images for lily pad drawings. There are many kinds of lilies. I found these when I was working on a cartoon animation of alligators in a swamp. We needed some good lily pad reference images for creating 3D models.So, I grabbed the camera and headed out in search of some.

I shot these lily pad photos at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Decatur, Alabama. They average approximately 20 inches in diameter with some up to two feet wide. The tops of the lilies are water repellent. its fun to splash water on them and see it bead up and roll off. We canoe the flint creek and there are many beautiful patches of lilies. Sadly, I have not yet seen a frog sitting on a lily. You can draw a cartoon frog on a lily here.

Lily Pad Drawing Reference

Some of the lilies look as if they have been chewed on.

Lily Pad Drawing Reference 2
Depending on the water level, the lilies may stand up out of the water as if hovering. The blooms are a beautiful buttery yellow.

Lily Pad Drawing Reference 3
This reminds me a bit of a Monet painting. It's one of my favorite shots of the lilies scattered across the water.

Lily Pad Drawing Reference 4
In this picture of lilies you can really see how the lilies thin out as the water gets deeper.

Lily Pad Drawing Reference 5
The flowers stand high above the water. Some of them are fully open, others are past their prime and wilting.

Lily Pad Drawing Reference 6
A close-up picture of the a lily flower.

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