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How to Draw Halloween Pumpkins

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Learn how to draw a pumpkin! Draw your own Halloween cards and make your own Halloween decorations. One of the special parts of Halloween is carving the pumpkin. In this drawing lesson you can follow along to draw a pumpkin. You can make the face look any way you like or you can just follow along. This lesson has a video and it also has step by step drawings.


Now let's get started with the "How to Draw Halloween Pumpkins"
drawing art lesson.

Halloween Pumpkins Drawing Tutorial Step 1:
Draw a circular shape for your pumpkin and add the Stem. Pumpkins are generally round, but they come in many variations of round. Some are squat, some are tall some are lopsided and some are very round.

Halloween Pumpkins Drawing Tutorial Step 2:
Sketch in some of the bumpy shapes of the pumpkins' sides

Halloween Pumpkins Drawing Tutorial Step 3:
Add the cut line where a pumpkin would be opened for carving and draw the cut marks for the pumpkin face carving.

Halloween Pumpkins Drawing Tutorial Step 4:
Shade the cut outs of the eyes and mouth on your pumpkin. Strengthen and refine your pumpkin's outline.

Halloween Pumpkins Drawing Tutorial Step 5:
Add some shading to help define the pumpkins roundness and the bumps. Continue to strengthen and refine your lines.

Halloween Pumpkins Drawing Tutorial Step 6:
Complete your Halloween Pumpkins by layering more shading and refining the edges.

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"How to Draw Halloween Pumpkins!"

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