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How to Draw a Snowman

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A Snowman is an awesome thing to draw. This easy to draw snowman can decorate a card or your wall. He makes a great snowman coloring page.

Snowmen and Snow-women come in many shapes and sizes. They can be made with one, two three or even four large snowballs. I have always preferred three. My favorite snowman of all time is Frosty the Snowman. This snowman has a button for a nose and rocks or coal for the eyes and mouth. Some snowmen use a carrot for a nose instead. you can modify your drawing to become the kind of character you want. you could even draw a whole family of snow people.

Just follow the basic steps and you will be on your way!


Now let's get started with the snowman drawing
step by step drawing tutorial.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 1:
Start your snowman by sketching three overlapping circles.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 2:
Sketch in the eyes, button nose, mouth and guidelines for the stocking cap. If you prefer a different kind of hat for your snowman, this would be the time to change it.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 3:
Compete the cap by drawing in the sides and lines to show the ridges in the material that is folded over at the base of the cap.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 4:
Begin sketching the scarf, buttons and arms. This snowman has sticks for arms. Imagine the buttons are pieces of coal or rocks. They could be actual buttons as well.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 5:
Complete the scarf and buttons. Sketch the mittens and refine the snowman's body.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 6:
Add some snow and a broom for your awesome snowman. The snow is drawn by drawing small circles and curves. Pile the snow up around the base of the man. Your snowman could hold anything if a broom is not to your liking, he could hold a sign, a tennis racket or perhaps an ice-cream cone. Use your imagination and have fun.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 7:
Time to ink your sketch with pen or dark pencil lines, colored pencil, etc. The inking process is an opportunity to refine your lines and correct any things you want to perfect.

Snowman Drawing Tutorial Part 8:
Erase your sketch lines and you have a great snowman drawing. Present him as a finished work of art or use him as a snowman coloring page.

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a snowman!"

Great Job!

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