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How to Draw a Star

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Learn How to Draw a Star in a few simple steps. Drawing a star is fun and also pretty easy. It does take a little practice however.

This tutorial will show you how to draw a 5-point star. Star shapes are useful especially when you want to draw the american flag, in which case you will need 50 stars. Stars are also fun to draw on notes to friends and helpful to fill a night sky in a drawing or painting or to draw a Christmas star.

Real stars don't have 5 points of course, they are giant balls of burning gas like our sun. Did you know our sun is a star. Cool huh! So, are you ready to draw 5 point stars?

Recommended materials.

For this lesson you will need a pencil for sketching and an eraser for cleaning up your lines. Oh yeah, and a piece of paper would be most useful too! You can use a felt tip pen, ballpoint pen or marker for inking in the star's outline and you will also need something to draw a circle with. I used a glass from the kitchen. You could use a cup, a small plate, a quarter, basically anything circular, you get the idea right!

Tip! Your circle object should be the size you want your star to be.


Now let's get started with "How to Draw a Star."

Star Drawing Tutorial Step 1:
Use something circular (cup, glass, plate, quarter, etc.) to draw a circle on your paper.

Star Drawing Tutorial Step 2:
Imagine your circle is a 60 second stopwatch or a clock face. Begin by marking the 15, 30, 45 and 60 second points.

Star Drawing Tutorial Step 3:
Now divide each 15 seconds into thirds - marking by 5's.

Star Drawing Tutorial Step 4:
Great job so far. The thing to know about hoe to draw a 5 point star is that it fits in a circle and each point of the circle is 1/5 the circumference. Circumference is a math word for the distance around the outside of a circle. So so if we divide 60 by 5, we get 12. Each point of the star will be 12 seconds after the previous one. Mark a dot at the 60 and then move to 12 seconds and mark another dot. to find the 12, you can divide the 5 minute section with short marks to help you find it. Move around the circle and mark 24 seconds, 36 seconds and 48 seconds.

TIP - the 12 and 48 should line up horizontally as should the 24 and 36.

Star Drawing Tutorial Step 5:
Connect the dots you marked to draw a five point star. Keep working your sketch lines until the star shape looks right. depending on your accuracy in the earlier steps, you may have more or less adjusting to do. You could use a ruler for this part as well.

Star Drawing Tutorial Step 6:
Use a pen or marker to ink the outline of your star. depending on the size of your star and your level of desire fro perfection, a ruler may be just the thing to make these lines straight. I just sketched my lines, so they are bit wiggly.

Star Drawing Tutorial Step 7:
Erase your pencil lines to free your finished 5-point star. Paint your star with crayon, marker, tempura, acrylic, or whatever paint you have handy.

Congratulations you have finished this step by step online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Star!"

Great Job!

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