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How to Draw a Turtle Walking

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Learn to draw a turtle walking on the beach with this step by step drawing lesson.


Now let's get started with the Turtle drawing
step by step drawing tutorial.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 1:
Here is the reference image I used for the this turtle drawing lesson.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 2:
It can be very helpful to trace over your reference image before attempting to draw it freehand. It's not cheating, it's learning.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 3:
Now sketch the turtle's basic shapes freehand.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 4:
refine your sketch by adding more detail to the shell, head and feet.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 5:
Here is a closeup of the head to help you get see the details. For now, we are still building shape with lines and shading.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 6:
Continue to sketch in the darker areas of the turtle.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 7:
Here is the finished sketch... time to clean up it up.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 8:
The cleaned up ink sketch.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 9:

Fill in the base colors of your turtle drawing.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 10:
Layer on the orange to the shell and head.

Turtle Drawing Tutorial Part 11:
The finished turtle drawing.

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Turtle!"

Great Job!

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