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How to Draw Anime Eyes

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In this lesson, learn how to draw anime eyes! Maja makes it easy and fun through step-by-step instructions. This is the basic type of anime eye which can be used for both male and females. Simply add a few eyelashes to make it more feminine! Personalize the eye by adding color to the iris, or changing the angle of the eyebrow.

Up for an even bigger challenge? Try drawing the left eye, and adding them both to a face! See how many different types of anime eyes you can create!st paragraph ...


1. Beginning Shapes
Begin your anime eye by drawing an egg-shaped circle in the middle of your paper. This circle will become the iris! Above it, draw an arc that hooks downward. This arc will act as the eyelashes and back corner of the eye. Below the iris, draw a line to indicate the bottom eyelid.

How to Draw Anime Eyes - Beginning Shapes

2. Eye Lid and Eye Brow
For step two, draw a curved line above the eye to indicate the eyelid. This line does not need to be perfect, nor does it need to go across the entire eye. It should, however, be closer to the eye than it is to the eyebrow. Notice how in the drawing below it is in the very middle-- I will later correct this. After you have finished the eyelid, draw the eyebrow, which should also start as a simple line. You can soften the eye's expression by raising the eyebrow, and leveling the sides.

How to Draw Anime Eyes - Eye Lid and Eyebrow

3. Filling out the Eye
Next, take your pencil and trace around all of the lines you have already drawn, making them thicker. Notice how I added three shines to the eyes. The two outer shines should not connect to the rest of the eye! Also, like I explained in step two, the eyelid was adjusted accordingly.

How to Draw Anime Eyes - Filling Out the Eye

4. Outlining the Eye
For step four, take a sharpie, pen or marker, and trace around all of the lines that you want to keep! Pay special attention to the areas that do not connect, such as the shines.

How to Draw Anime Eyes - Outlining

5. Inking the Eye
The final step is to color in the eyebrow, eyelashes, and the center of the eye! Add a few tiny eyelashes at the corner of the eye, and at the base to make it more feminine. Once that is complete, erase the pencil lines, and you're done!!

How to Draw Anime Eyes - Inking

Congratulations you have finished this lesson " How to Draw Anime Eyes."

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