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How to Draw Cars

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So you want to draw cool cars!

That's great! We're here to get you started. First of all, I want to assure you that you can do this:, with some basic instruction and some practice on your part, you can draw the cars of your dreams. Your can learn how to draw muscle cars, exotic sports cars, trucks, motorcycles, you can even draw a motor home if that's what revs your engine!

To start with your will need some good reference images. Basically, that is pictures of cars! Why do you need reference images you ask? Will that's because you may think you Know what a car looks like, but in fact your may not have really "looked" at the car your want to draw carefully and studied its lines, it curves, its proportions and details.

Check out How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy by Tim Rugendyke.

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How to Draw a 57 Chevy Bel Air
With these helpful 57 Chevy Pictures, Reference Art, Line drawings and Car Renders, The '57 Chevy Bel Air is an awesome car to draw. This car has tons of personality and attitude and is a testament to the times in which it was created.

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How to Draw a Corvette
With Great reference images, line drawings, corvette pics and renders. The Chevrolet Corvette is a car that turns heads wherever it goes. The Corvette is sleek and powerful in its appearance and performance. It's a great car to drive and a great car to draw.

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How to Draw a Lamborghini Countach
With these great reference images, line drawings, lambourghini pics and renders. The Countach frequented the top 10 list for best sports car of the 1970's and 1980's.

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Lamborghini Countach 3D Reference
with this Rotator for How to Draw a Lamborghini Countach, vView the Countach Drawing Reference in 360 degrees to find the perfect angle to draw from.

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Car Pictures to Draw
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For More Lessons Click Here! and check out the How to Draw Amazing Cars ebook by Tim Rugendyke.

How to draw and Paint Smart helps you learn How to Draw Cars by providing you with multiple angles to choose from to draw your car. We have also have made the process of learning how to draw cars simple by providing line drawings of the Cars along with color renders. and car pictures to draw from.

Good reference material is the first step in making a good drawing. Before your can draw cars out of your head your need to draw then from a reference picture or from life.

The benefit of our line drawing car reference pictures is that your can focus on the lines and shapes and not be distracted by all the other visual thugs going on like color,reflection, background, highlights and so on!

We are able to generate multiple highly accurate car drawing reference images through the use of 3D computer graphic software. Each car to draw has up to 15 different views in black and white and color computer renders. We also provide you with photographs of cars to drawn. In some cases we are able to go out and take these photos personally, and in other cases we find great car reference images online .

How to Draw Cars - Step 1: The first step to drawing cars is good reference images Now What?

How to Draw Cars - Step 2: Three P's ;Placement, proportion and perspective.

How to Draw Cars - Placement; Lets talk about how you place yours drawing of a car on your drawing paper! This placement is what artists call composition. Assuming your paper is a rectangle, Before your make a mark on your page consider when to pace your car. It may not matter a whole lot, but you might as well keep composition in mind from the start. Take a look at these thumbnail drawings (thumbnails are just little practice drawings in art speak!) consider how the placement of the car in the rectangular space affects your feeling about the car and the drawing, I made sure to provide you a variety of dramatic angles to in the reference images. Can you see how the angle of the car and the way it fits in the frame can effect the excitement a energy in the drawing?

How to Draw Cars - Proportion: First off all in its most basic sense we need to consider the proportion or size of the car to the page. Secondly we need need to study the proportions of the parts of the car to each other. The proportion within the car! Study the size of the tire compared to the windshield, the width of the front of the car compared to the back and so on. Remember that what will end up as shapes and clues on your paper is a drawing of a car, it's not really a car. All a drawing is is lines marking shapes in the proper proportion to represent a car. I know this may sound wacky, but the sooner you can look at things and see the shapes and proportions rather than the object(in this case a car) the faster your will be on you way to drawing; meaningfully and successfully. One way to help you see the proportions is to turn the reference image upside down or sideways and draw if shown in that orientation. It may seem strange,but it works! Trust me. the first time I learned this was in 8th grade and I frankly thought it was dumb and that it would be really hard and that the drawing would be a total wreck. Much to my surprise, it worked really well and opened my eyes to seeing the shape in things I wanted to draw, if you want to reference some images upside down I recommend printing them out first. Unless you have a fancy swiveling computer monitor.

How to Draw Cars - Perspective

When you look at a dramatic angle of a car to draw. you can really see the perspective. Linear perspective in a drawing makes the car look 3D, like its about to race off of or into the paper, As you work on your car drawing, look for the linear perspective, perspective on the lines and wheels is what makes them look like ovals rather than round. Of course if you are drawing the wheel from the side it will look round,

Once again you can do this! A drawing is just lines and shapes on a 1D surface. Work on drawing what you see, nor what you think it should look like, seeing is the key. this takes practice so be ready to make mistakes. When a writer writes, they get to make a draft! You're allowed even expected to have a first draft, a second draft, as many drafts as you like before you call your drawing final. I usually just consider my first attempt at drawing a car a study. Its just to learn the shapes. By the time I have drawn a car three times, I am ready to make a final version of that angle, the more you draw, the more you will be able to draw from memory. But you need to study ¥38 and draw to really put it in your memory well!

I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome car drawings! So please send me a digital copy of your drawing and I can post it to our artist's gallery !

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