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How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

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In this lesson, learn how to draw Cartoon Eyes! Maja makes it easy and fun through step-by-step instructions, which consist of pictures and commentary. Once you have mastered the tutorial below, try personalizing the eyes by changing the iris color, or expression. Tip the eyebrows downward for an angry look, or up for a surprised look! Curve the middle downwards for a worried expression. Up for an even bigger challenge? Try adding the eyes to a face, and see how many expressions you can create!


How to Draw Cartoon Eyes Drawing Lesson

This Lesson Teaches:

  • Drawing with Shapes

Suggested Drawing Supplies:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencils and Markers for Coloring

1. Setting the Placement
Begin by drawing two horizontal lines across your paper. Then, add three circles in between the lines. The circles don't have to be perfect, in fact, they should be rather short and squatty. The two circles on the outside will be the eyes, and the circle in the middle guarantees the proper placement between the eyes.

Cartoon Eye 01

2. Shaping the Cartoon Eyes
Next, add two small circles on the inside of the eyes for the tear ducts. These circles should be more egg shaped, with the point directed towards the middle circle. Go ahead and trace around what you have done to connect the duct to the eye.

Cartoon Eye 02

3. Brows, Lashes and Lids
For the third step, add a thick lash to the edges of the cartoon eyes, as well as eye lids. These don't need to be very detailed: a simple curve or two above each eye is plenty. Also, go ahead and sketch out the eyebrows. Much like the shape of the eye, these don't need to be perfect, either, because no one has perfect eyebrows. If they are a little uneven, it only adds to the picture.

Cartoon Eye 03

4. Irises, Pupils and Shines
Now is the time to add the iris, which can be placed at any angle in the eye. For this drawing, however, I have chosen to place the iris at the top of the cartoon eye, giving the eyes the impression of looking up. Next, add a small circle in the very middle of the iris, which is the pupil. An optional feature, but one that will certainly make your eyes pop, is the "shine" which is located at the top of the iris, to show where light is hitting the eye. Once those are placed, go ahead and add a bottom eye lid.

Cartoon Eye 04

Now you know how to draw cartoon eyes! Continue the lesson with inking.

5. Inking
All you have to do next is go over everything you just did in sharpie, pen or marker. Pay special attention to the way the eye does not completely block off the tear duct; and use small spaces (such as the lid spaces, and the eye spaces) to your advantage. The small spaces show that everything is connected to the invisible face behind the cartoon eyes.

Cartoon Eye 05

6. Erasing
Take a moment and erase all of the unused pencil lines. Be sure to give your pen or sharpie a few moments to dry so that you do not smear all of the inking.

Cartoon Eye 06

7. Eyelashes and Pupils
For Step Seven, fiill in the eyelashes on your cartoon eyes, as well as the pupil in the middle. Also, if you want the eyes to appear more feminine, add a few extra lashes to the top and the bottom of the eye.

Cartoon Eye 07

8. Color
You're almost done! For this step, chose a few of your favorite color markers, and color in the iris. I used a very light blue, and then used a darker blue to go back over the top. A popular style is to get lighter with the color as you move away from the top of the eye. It causes the iris to look as if it had more depth. The tear ducts can be a pale pink or coral. Go ahead and fill in your eyebrows, too, fixing any obvious uneveness between the brows. If you're satisfied with the work, sign your name, and you're done!

Cartoon Eye 08

Video Lesson by Maja Thoenes

Watch and follow along as Maja shows you how she created these amazing cartoon eyes!

Congratulations! - you have finished the "How to Draw Cartoon Eyes" online drawing lesson.

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