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How to Draw Eyes

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In this lesson, "How to Draw Eyes," We will look at how to draw girls eyes. We will begin with the simple shape of the Iris and build an eye around it. Drawing a face is a complex challenge, so focusing some time on the eyes alone will be good practice for a full face drawing effort later.There are many ways to draw eyes, you can draw realistic eyes, draw cartoon eyes, or draw manga eyes just to name a few.

How to Draw Eyes 01

This lesson focuses on sketching a realistic eye but every drawing has some stylistic influence. Since this is a sketch, you will see the pencil lines in the finished product. Depending on the desired style of your portrait drawing technique, you may choose to blend your pencil marks with a blending stump to soften the lines. I have created this drawing lesson on a drawing tablet so that I could easily record the process. I found it difficult on the drawing table to blend the pencil lines.

How to Draw Eyes Video - More Below

Now let's get started with the "How to Draw Eyes"
drawing art lesson.

Eyes Drawing Lesson - 1
Begin by drawing the shape of the Iris. You can draw the full circle of the iris and then erase the top part where teh upper lid cuts across the iris. This is what I did -The video shows it more clearly. Since this eye sketch too roughly 15 minutes, it is difficult to show an image for every part of the process. Once you ave drawn the iris, sketch in the pupil and begin to shape the eye opening. Observation is critical here. Be sure to look into those eyes and study thier shape carefully.

How to Draw Eyes 02
Eyes Drawing Lesson - 2
As you sketch the shape of the eye opening notice the angle otf the openig, this varies from person to person. Notice how the inner part is lower than the outer! Shade in the pupil leaving a white spot. the white spot is the reflection of the light use dot photograph the subject. We ae so accustomed to seeing this reflection, that eyes may seem lifeless without it. The refelctions, glints and highlights int he eyes also let us know that he eye is smooth and wet. Notice that the upper lid and lashes casts a shadow on the eyeball. Fill in the iris with lines that radiate outward from the center of the pupil.
How to Draw Eyes 03

Eyes Drawing Lesson - 3
Sketch in the shape of the lashes and the eyebrow. Also sketch in the crease where the upper eyelid creases into the eye socket. Then loosley fil in the upper lashes and the eyebrow. Notice how the hairs in the eyebrow flow. You can work that the direction of these hairs into your sketch.

How to Draw eyes 04

Eyes Drawing Lesson - 4
Shade the eye lid and strengthen the lashes and brow. i have added some of the hair that falls across the eye.

How to Draw Eyes 05

Eyes Drawing Lesson - 5
Add some shading to help define the pumpkins roundness and the bumps. Continue to strengthen and refine your lines.

How to Draw Eyes 06

Eyes Drawing Lesson - 6
Using a charcoal pencil or fine tiped permanent markie such as a Sharpie, come back into the eye adn darken the lashes, brow and pupil. Continue to polish your draing until you are satisified. If you you can't get there, try again. This was my fourht attempt at this eye and I would like to improve it further, which at this point means tryign a gain from the begining. The more you do it the more you learn and the easier it will get.

How to Draw Girls Eyes

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw Eyes!"

Great Job!

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