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How to Draw Robots

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Robots are fun things to draw. Robots serve humans every day in a variety of ways. Robots are particularly helpful in the manufacturing of things like cars where they do the repetitive motions required for assembly without complaint. Humans also use robots to explore places that may be too dangerous for humans to go. Humans have sent robots into volcanoes, to the deepest parts of the ocean and even too mars. these robots send back pictures of the places they explore..
How to Draw Robots

The fun robots to draw though, are the ones from science fiction. These robots often have personalities all their own. Blobbot is such a robot. He is made mostly of round shapes and is a happy robot to draw. I see robot as more of a playmate or friend. He can do useful tasks, but his specialty is having fun and playing games. His body is shaped sort of like an egg or bean and he has big round hands and rounded feet.

Now let's get started with the "How to Draw Robots"
step by step drawing lesson.

Draw Robots Step 1:
Start by drawing the robots body and the places where his arms and legs will connect to the body shape.

How to Draw Robots Step 1
Draw Robots Step 2:
Add the hands and feet shapes with circles and place a small rectangle for each of the robot knees and robot elbows.
How to Draw Robots Step 2

Draw Robots Step 3:
Connect the parts with ovals and small circles. Look at each part carefully as you draw it.

How to Draw Robots Step 3

Draw Robots Step 4:
Add some detail and a face to your robot.

How to Draw Robots Step 4

Draw Robots Step 5:
Clean up your drawing of a Robot. Erase the lines you don't need any more and continue to refine the edges and details.

How to Draw Robots Step 5

Draw Robots Step 6:
Outline and refine your robot drawing.

How to Draw Robots Step 6

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw Robots!"

Great Job!

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