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How to Draw Skulls

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How to Draw a Skull - Evil Skull - New Video Lesson

A drawing of a human skull conjures up all sorts of references.

Like Hamlet's, "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him" or Pirates, "arg matey, let fly the skull and cross bones." A skull reminds me of archaeology, science, and even death. The skull is a cool thing to draw. Drawing a skull will also get you more familiar with human anatomy. And that's a good thing if you want to draw people, especially human faces.

I have seen many skulls drawn but few of them are anatomically correct. It was in college that I had my first class drawing the human anatomy and a great book "human anatomy for artists." We had to draw skulls, hips, femurs metatarsus, metacarpals, and may other bones of the human body.

Drawing a skull provides a good study of of how the jaw fits into the skull and the way the sockets for the eyes are shaped. The cheek bones always surprises me a little. This all great for a learning to draw faces and getting facial structure right.

Skull drawings are often accompanied by the cross bones. to symbolize poison or danger.. Basically the image says - drink this and you will die dude! Enter and you face almost certain death!... Beware of the skull and cross bones they'll get you.

The human skull is actually made up of 22 bones joined to together by sutures. The upper row of teeth is immovable but he mandible, the lower jaw is hinged so you can open your mouth. Male skulls are generally larger then females and more squared off in their features.


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