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Pictures to Draw Cats

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Cats are some of the most beautiful, graceful creatures to draw. Their long tail and full coat combined with the striking green, blue or yellow eyes make for a very captivating picture.With all the right elements, you can draw something as simple as a house cat curled up in the sun to the king of the jungle, creeping through the long grasses, approaching its helpless prey.Below are five pictures of cats to help and inspire you as you draw your cat. We have provided sketches of the shapes to help you get started.Pictures to Draw Cats Directory


Pictures to Draw: How to Draw a Cat Face Sketch

This photograph makes for a very good drawing because the cat's face is symmetrical. Notice how many triangles are found in this picture: the shape of the cats face, and the cat's ears both resemble rounded triangles. The points from the eyes, and nose also form a triangle, as well as the mouth. Use the triangles to help you draw a cat picture.

Pictures to Draw: How to Draw a Resting Cat Sketch

One of the things that makes this photograph so beautiful is the repetition of circles: the round shape of the cat, the embroidered carpet, the melon, and even the bowl in the background. Even the cat's ears are curved in a way as to compliment the overall circular flow of this picture. Another factor as to why this picture works so well is the color scheme. Notice how the colors of brown, white, yellow, black and a soft pink are present. It gives the picture an general warm feeling, making the picture very pleasing to the eye. Try sketching this cat a couple of times using circles and ovals for to establish the proportions first.

Pictures To Draw: How to Draw a Cat Sketch

This photograph is fairly symmetrical, and the presence of triangles in the cat's face can be seen. A key aspect as to why the cat in this picture really seems to pop is the use of color. The bright green and blue eyes with the mixed color coat works really well with the purple door to the right, with the dark background in which the cat seems to just disappear into. The rings of color along the cats body seem to just fade into the dark.

Pictures to Draw: How to Draw a Big Cat Sketch

Here he is: one of the great predators of the jungle. Color and shapes are also very important in this picture. There are a few things to notice about this cat that are different from the previous pictures, though. The triangle of the nose and eyes is still present, but look how much larger the nose is on this cat! Also, take a look at the ears. They are not only smaller in proportion, but they are much more like circles than triangles. The face is also longer, with a much wider forehead. The width of the nose is also much broader. Don't be intimidated by all of the spots. The eyes are still very circular; don't make them slanted. What makes them look almond-shaped is the dark line around them.

Pictures to Draw: How to Draw Kitten Sketch

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