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Pictures to Draw Dogs

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Dogs are some of the most common animals in our society, so they are high on the list of what to draw. Unfortunately, a real dog doesn't sit still for long, so they can be hard to draw unless you have a model. And if you want to draw a bigger dog, such as a wolf, finding a live model is near impossible.However, this page is dedicated specifically for that need: finding pictures of dogs to draw. Below are many pictures of dogs broken down into shapes to make them easier to draw.Below are five pictures of Dogs to help and inspire you as you draw your dog We have provided sketches of the shapes to help you get started.Pictures to Draw Dogs Directory

Pictures to Draw: How to Draw a Cute Dog

This dog may look intimidating because of all the fur, but with the right placement, you will have no trouble. The dog's head is very circular. Notice that the ears are pointy at the top, with the rounded triangle at the bottom. Draw a separate smaller circle for the muzzle and nose. The lightness of the flowers compliments the rich red-brown of the dog's fur.

Pictures to Draw: How to Draw a Boxer

How to draw a dog standing up is a bit more of a challenge for me, personally. However, if you get the right proportions, then drawing the full body of a dog will be simple. Start with a rectangle for the body, and a circle for the head. Notice that the back legs are longer than the front legs. This dog is a Boxer, so the rib cage protrudes distinctly.

Pictures To Draw: How to Draw a Cute Puppy

For this sweet puppy, many triangles are present. Start with a long, rounded triangle for the face, and two more rounded triangles for the ears. The eyes and nose formation also resembles a triangle. Notice how you can't see the bottom of the dog's mouth; its pressed into the blanket.

Pictures to Draw: How to Draw a Dog Resting

This dog is a little harder. For the body, start with a rectangle that narrows out along the left to form the dog's leg. The head is almost square-ish, with the nose and lips forming a rhombus. Notice how the legs look small in comparison to the head, because of visual perspective.

Pictures to Draw: How to Draw a German Shepard

How to draw a dog with its mouth open can be a bit more difficult. Start with an egg-shaped circle for the mouth and face, with rounded triangles for the ears. Notice how tall the ears are in this German Shepherd, and that the triangle placement of the eyes and nose is still present, even though the nose is much longer.

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