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Russ Sexton Photography

Artistic Photo Composition and Color

Russ is an award winning photograher and photo artist. Russ shares some tips and advice about photo compostion, the rule of thirds, colour and using paths to lead the eye in your compositions, whether you're drawing, painting, or taking photos, Russ' compositon articles will help you create better pictures with a new insight as to what makes for an excellent image.

Rule of Thirds Composition in Art
Tulip Colour Photo
Paths lead the Eyes - Snowy Path

Russ's Photography Advice

If it worth taking a picture of, use a tripod, and snap about 10 frames, bracket and bracket often. Then it is off to photoshop to crop, combine, enhance, dodge, and burn.

Hi, I am Russ, I like photography. I mainly focus on still life, nature, and underwater photography, but anything is game.

During my college years as an Engineering student, I worked as a photographer for the college and the local newspaper and did a small amount of freelance work.

Photography helped with the bills while in college, but for the most part it was a really fun distraction between classes and quarter breaks. These days provided many hours of working with a couple of really great photographers who ran the college photography department, which lead to the local newspaper and getting the photo assignments for the daily newspaper.

During these years I discovered the mountains and streams of Tennessee as being great photographic opportunities. I studied every article I could find from Weston and Life photographers. I loved their images and wanted to produce photos of this quality and composition. All I had to do was catch the light and the local conditions to have some interesting effects and a lot of fun.

After college cameras came and went, but when the digital camera was released and the computer became the darkroom my old hobby became a true passion. The lessons I learned for the Weston publications proved to be true for digital. And to my surprise the color photos were deep and vibrant.

I prefer to make photos that are on the edge of reality than to get exact photographic documentation of the subject, thus the name “visionday." I follow Weston’s teaching of the photographer’s eye and what the photographer inner eye see in the scene. Adjusting the range of light and colors with filters and Photoshop techniques makes this an art form that I enjoy and love to produce.

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