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Valentine's Day Drawing - Be Mine

Learn How to Draw a Valentine's Day Drawing and you can make your own Valentine's Day cards.

Hi this is Maja, and I am going to teach you how to draw a "Be Mine" design.

Make your own Valentine's Day Cards



Prefer Video? Scroll Down to the bottom of the page.

Now let's get started with "Valentine's Day Design - Be Mine"

Step by Step

Start with flowing cursive letters and connect the "B" and the "M." That will give your design an interesting flair. Now you have the basic foundation for your design.

Graffiti Letters Be Mine

Give your letters an outline allowing the letter "B " to connect to the letter "M." Remember to keep your arm pretty loose to create flowing lines. Adjust your design as you move along creating the outline. This is a good time to correct any mistakes you think you may have made. Feel free to have fun with it.

Letters with Hearts

Now pull out your black marker or Sharpie and begin to trace over your outlines. Use a heart to form the center of the letter "B." Continue to keep your hand and wrist loose to help with the flow of the letters. You can also use a heart for the dot on the letter "I" and make a heart for the center of the little letter "e."

Valentine's Day Drawing

Now you can clean up your pencil lines with an eraser.

I am coloring my design with a colored pencils but you can use almost anything such as marker, crayon, or pastels. Begin by coloring your "B" and "M" letters all with one color lightly. I am using red. Then come back and darken the edges.

Valentine's Day Drawing

You can use similar colors such as purples or pinks to fill in the other letters. Remember to begin with light shading and then come back and darken the edges. Leave the top edgeslighter than the bottom edges to create a shine as shown in the pictures and video.

Valentines Day Design

Here's the Video of the whole Process.


How to Draw Videos


I hope you enjoyed the lesson. If you did like it, please share it with your friends and subscribe to our channel. Thanks.

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
Now you can your own Valentines Day Card with a "Be Mine" Valentine's day Drawing "

Great Job!

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